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Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Main menu
Connect the blue dots to find the gun that fired that shot.
This is not Mission Impossible lasers but they are still very hot.
Burn baby, burn!
That is how powerful a shotgun is.
This fellow is guilty. Electric Chair Time!
This fellow is also guilty. But, he is blind now and soon wont have a head.
Hey, the diet shakes work. your so skinny I can see through you now.
If someone shoots at you what do you do? Stop, drop, roll, and DIE!
Hey, you only need 10% of your brain to move. The rest is extra weight.
Did you know that boomerangs can hit you in the head when you are not looking?
Is that fog or a really big explosion?
Hey, I see green blood!
I did not like that building anyway.
I was trying to shoot a picture but, you were in the way.
You can fly but, I can shoot. And kill you!
Sorry, the darkness looks prettier than you.
And I thought spider-man has many eyes.
Put your hands in the air, or just reach or the sky.
I think that hit you.