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Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen / Main menu.
From the intro: Turok draws his bow
An angry dino
The knife is more effective than you'd think.
Many areas have ambient life like this deer.
A jumping puzzle. I hope you like them, because there are lots.
Lining up a bow shot.
the knife is a one-hit kill against unarmored humans.
Shoot the raptors before they get close
Close-up combat with the map turned on.
You can climb these viney walls.
Miniboss fight
A lava jumping puzzle. Goody.
Blasting a raptor with the shotgun
Making your way across a narrow log bridge
Turok is dead
Small dino to kill
Collect items
Activate this
Don't run!
Enter cheat code
Close combat
Angry dino
This is not a dinosaur, but I can kill them... Just do it.
Some stars