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antstream tournament
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Advertising Blurbs – Nintendo 64:
    THQ's 96-meg squared circle comes packed with 37 suplexing studs, plus four bosses and two super-secret bosses waiting in the wings. Your roster includes 26 World Wrestling Championship and New World Order stars, each with distinctive signature moves and taunts. You'll be able to square off sinister Sting against Rey Mysterio Jr. and set Ric Flair and the Giant to swapping Pile Drivers!

    As many as four players can pile in for a frantic free-for-all. Rumble Pak support means you can feel the exquisite pleasure of every Body Slam and Turnbuckle Sandwich. Ahhh! You can save your progress to a Controller Pak, too.

    Your basic moves include punches, kicks, grapples, holds and counters. Although each wrestler has a distinctive style of going about his business, button sequences for all are similar. Run down your opponent's Spirit meter and you'll be able to launch a special attack. Specials and combos enable you to whip your opponent into the ropes, jump him from a turnbuckle and pummel him when he's on the mat.

    In Exhibition Match mode, WCW vs. NWO gives you a choice of one-on-one, one-on-two and two-on-two battles and well as the Battle Royal free-for-all, in which the last man standing wins! Round-robin League tournaments support both one-on-one and tag teams.

    Defeat every wrestler in a League Challenge mode -- including your own double! -- and you'll face off with the league boss. Defeat the boss, and you'll be able to wrestle as him. WCW vs. NWO offers both single-player and tag-team League Challenges.

    Developer Asmik has loaded this pak with options. You can change the color of your wrestler's outfit and even the league logo on the canvas. CPU-controlled wrestlers show lots of intelligence, as does the camera, which swings and swoops to give you the very best view of each grapple and fall.

    You can create serious animosity by swapping WCW and nWo wrestlers. Asmik juiced up the action by adding two rival leagues: DOA and Independent Union. The origins of most of these grapplers are shrouded in mystery, but there's no doubt they came to play!

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65785) on May 20, 2005.

antstream tournament