Advertising Blurbs – Nintendo 64:
    You'll have to peel your G-battered body from the couch after plugging into Wipeout 64, the latest chapter in the popular futuristic racing series from Midway.

    Wipeout 64 is the fastest Wipeout game to ever hit a home console, and the anti-gravity ships fly down the tracks with reckless speed and a total disregard for safety. A driving techno beat pounds out the soundtrack as you guide your ship through racing arenas littered with turbo boosts, stomach-turning drops, and enough special attacks to sponsor a revolutionary war. You'll need all the help you can get, because apparently sportsmanship is not a valued trait in the future.

    Psygnosis has improved the appearance of the tracks for the N64, while maintaining the futuristic feel found in previous Wipeout titles. The raceways blur by at breakneck speed, and the sleek post-post-modern approach to the backgrounds will drench your eyeballs with colorful imagery. The different anti-grav lanes can begin to look similar, but the track design is consistently futuristic.

    Wipeout 64 sports seven new racing environments, and five individually tuned anti-gravity ships to choose from. To earn the seventh track and the fifth ship, you'll need to demonstrate a mastery of racing skills by completing the three Challenge Modes: Race, Time Trial, and Weapon.

    In Race Mode, you and your assigned ship must compete against 14 other racers and place in one of the top three positions. If you show the fortitude to complete this trying task you'll continue through five more races, each one decidedly more difficult than the last. The competition is determined to keep you out of the top three, so when you have an enemy in your sights and your trigger finger begins to twitch, show no mercy.

    In Time Trial Mode, the difference between glorious victory and humiliating defeat is often nothing more than a few hundreths of a second. There are no other vehicles to blame if you fail - it's just you and your ship in a race against the clock. If you earn one of the top three times, you'll be moving on to shave seconds on the next track. Even though speed is not crucial in Weapon Mode, you'll nevertheless be screaming along the track as you strive to eliminate your competitors. Take out as many foes as possible, but don't neglect your defenses.

    Be sure to perfect your anti-grav maneuvers, because your friends will surely want to challenge you to four player split screen action. Even with three other players clawing their way to a first place finish, the action maintains a supersonic speed.

    The futuristic racing genre has grown large in recent months, and Wipeout 64 holds its own among the tough competition. Midway's speed demon has fewer tracks and ships than other racing games, but players will find variety in the different modes of play. Dim the lights and twist the volume knob to loud. Wipeout 64 will assault your senses as you shatter the barriers of speed.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65847) on May 20, 2005.

Back of Box (US):
    Accelerated Adrenaline Rush Racing

    The fastest races. The deadliest weapons. The biggest name in anti-gravity racing descends on N64 with incredible new visual power and fully enhanced gameplay glory. With blistering races, challenges, time trials and a multiplay league, Wipeout 64 delivers pure racing devastation. Faster than you can imagine.

    • 6 huge new race circuits with jaw-dropping environments.
    • 15 vicious weapons ranging from electrobolts to the devastating power snare.
    • 5 different racing teams and 4 racing classes with varying difficulty levels.
    • Intense 1-4 player split screen action.
    • Challenging 15 craft competition heats with multiple racing modes including time trials and tournament play.
    • Pounding electronica soundtrack featuring Propellerheads and Fluke.

    Contributed by Freeman (45432) on Sep 28, 2004.

Press Release:

    Liverpool, UK - April 17, 1998 -Psygnosis, a leading global interactive entertainment software company, today announced it is developing games for the Nintendo® 64 home video game console system. The first game to be produced will be Wipeout 64’, which will take the breathtaking gaming experience of the landmark Wipeout series to new heights. Among a host of new features, the game will be the first of the Wipeout series to include the intense four multi-player races on one screen. The announcement was made by Ian Hetherington, Managing Director and founder of Psygnosis Ltd.

    Howard Lincoln, chairman, Nintendo of America Inc., commented, "We're very excited that Psygnosis, one of the world's leading game companies, is developing games for the N64, and that Wipeout 64, one of the industry's most popular series, will be its first title."

    Psygnosis is a multi-platform developer and publisher and has created titles since 1984 for computer and console systems. Psygnosis has over 30 internal development teams working in seven locations, including dedicated Nintendo 64 development teams who are concentrating on delivering a high profile catalogue of games. Following the Psygnosis tradition, all game genres will be explored with emphasis on awesome graphics, speed, creativity and cutting-edge design.

    In making the announcement, Mr. Hetherington stated, "We are pleased to be working with Nintendo and aim to apply Psygnosis' unique craftsmanship and attention to detail to this strong platform in order to deliver more exciting gaming experiences."

    Psygnosis is the largest entertainment software developer in Europe with publishing offices around the globe and a substantial worldwide customer base. Founded in Liverpool, UK Psygnosis has a fierce dedication to cutting-edge game design. With this single goal driving the company, Psygnosis is set to develop leading edge entertainment titles for current and emerging game platforms well into the industry's future.

    Psygnosis has created more than 100 titles in numerous game genres to critical acclaim. The Wipeout series has sold over 1 and a half million units since launch. Other hits have included Formula 1, the world's most popular racing brand, the Destruction Derby’ franchise, the Lemmings’ puzzle game series; and highly acclaimed holiday '97 titles including G Police’ and Colony Wars’. For more information about Psygnosis, visit the Psygnosis Web site at

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