WipEout 64 Credits


Programmers Steve Pointon, Andrew Hosfield, Ben Schofield
Artists John Harris (Kues Bridge), Jeff Bramfitt (Doron IV), Dan McGeoch (Sokana), Ashley Sanders (Dyroness), Jane Stroud (Machaon II), Mark Stokle (Terafumos), Darren Douglas (Velocitar)
Additional Graphics Digby Rogers
Designers Rob Francis, Nevin Gaston
Produced By Andy Satterthwaite, Tamara Anghie
Music Chasing Radium, Feel at Home, Monouth Boy, Tomorrow Reborn, Sonic Trip, Miles Ahead, Copyright PC Music ©1998
"Goodnight Lover" and "Absurd"Performed by Fluke, Published by V2 Music Publishing Ltd., Written and recorded by Fluke, P 1997 Circa Records, Licensed courtesy of Virgin Records Ltd.
"Bang On"Performed by Propellerheads, Produced by Propellerheads, Alex Gifford (Written by), Published by Chrysalis Music Limited
Sound Effects Tim Wright, PC Music, Mike Clarke
Voices Sharon Holm, Amiga 1200
QA (Alpha)Paul Tweedle, Matthew Brooks
QA (Beta)Mark Inman, Thomas Rees, Shaun Durney, Harry Smith
QA (Internal Submission)Stuart Allen, Jonathon Wild, Jonathon Whelan, Carl Seddon, Neil Clarke
Box Art & Marketing Images Christian Lavoie, Jim Bowers, Dan Levy, Anthony Roberts
Manual Text & Insanity Damon Fairclough
Product Manager Clemens Wangerin
Project Manager Ken Barlow
Thanks ToThe Wipeout & Wipeout XL Teams, Andy Yelland, Designers Republic, The Zone

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (45432)