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Namco Museum 64 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title screen
Main menu showcasing the 6 games
Pac-Man attract mode
Starting a game of Pac-Man
Authentic Pac-Man action
Intermission between stages 2 and 3
Namco Museum allows the player to configure virtual representations of the underlying hardware DIP switches in order to change the game settings
Ms. Pac-Man attract mode
Ms. Pac-Man turns the tables on the ghosts
Ms. Pac-Man hardware settings
Galaga attract mode
Starting a game of Galaga
Galaga action
Galaga hardware settings
Galaxian attract mode
Galaxian action
Galaxian hardware settings
Pole Position title screen
Starting a race in Pole Position
Action in Pole Position
The car in Pole Position is highly combustible
Pole Position hardware settings
Dig Dug title screen
Starting a Dig Dug game
Dropping a rock on some enemies in Dig Dug
Dig Dug hardware settings