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antstream tournament

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    Ever put your foot down on 700 horsepower? Or enter a corner at 200 MPH, bumper-to-bumper with the car ahead of you? If you have ever wanted to drive a NASCAR stock car, then you're in for the experience of a lifetime with NASCAR Racing. Compete against top NASCAR drivers on nine authentic NASCAR tracks. Each track is painstakingly modeled using official blueprints and actual race footage. Customize your car set-up for each track in the garage. As engines blow and fenders crumple, keep your cool and work it like the pros. So true-to-life, it's officially licensed by NASCAR.


    -Incredibly realistic racing with authentic NASCAR stock cars, tracks, drivers, and sound.

    -Physics model duplicates real car behavior and actual conditions.

    -Race head-to-head. Two player capability by modem or direct connect.

    -Arcade Option-drive from inside or outside your car.

    -Use the paint kit to customize the look of your car and team.

    -Original, digitized audio CD rock music tracks, including "Race Riff" by members of Skid Row and "The Fastest Sport" by The Fat Man.

    -SVGA high-resolution graphics provide extraordinarily crisp detail.

    Contributed by Neon (96) on Jun 09, 2000.

antstream tournament