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Gamers' Temple, The (Oct 17, 2005)
NBA 06 provides a lot of fun NBA gameplay to enjoy while on the go. The NBA action is good and there are plenty of other game options to help keep things fresh for a long time to come.
This game has great gameplay, great graphics, and even some improvements over the last NBA. If you are a basketball fan, you've got to try this game.
PGNx Media (Oct 06, 2005)
Overall, NBA 06 is a very satisfying basketball simulation for the PSP. The quick gameplay, stellar animation, improved graphics, better AI and addition of more minigames make it a very compelling package. The top-notch online multiplayer implementation is also appreciated. Nonetheless, the actual gameplay is still pretty simplistic and more varied plays would be welcomed.
GamingExcellence (Oct 21, 2005)
In the end, NBA 06 is a very satisfying basketball game that shines brightly next to its NBA cousin from a few months ago. The gameplay tweaks help elevate all modes of the game and the inclusion of dodgeball is the nicest present I’ve seen in a long time. The multiplayer is still stellar and the additions that have been made to all aspects of the presentation make this one of the best sport titles on the PSP thus far. Sony tries hard to redeem itself and succeeds in every way.
GameSpy (Oct 03, 2005)
It'll be a buzzer-beater between this and NBA Live '06 to determine PSP hoop honors. NBA '06 does a lot right, and offers a slew of options. There are minor glitches to be found, but nothing we'd term a game killer.
GamePro (US) (Oct 28, 2005)
The graphics are pleasantly smooth (though a tad bland) and the control scheme is reliable, while the lackluster commentary and standard soundtrack round out the audio presentation. Though it may not have the big blockbuster appeal of NBA Live, NBA 06 makes up for it with an excellent set of unique mini-games, making it a great choice for B-ballers looking for a little change in their game.
GameZone (Oct 09, 2005)
Notable advancements in nearly all aspects of the game really helps NBA separate itself from its predecessor, though a few nagging control issues down low and near the sidelines hamper the experience somewhat. While I'll be the first to admit that this game isn’t perfect, it is however fun, and that’s something that the previous NBA wasn’t.
Da Gameboyz (Oct 28, 2005)
SCEA Sports Studios has definitely taken the original NBA and made some necessary changes for the better in NBA 06. With much improved graphics and shooting, and the inclusion of commentary, this game has made some positive steps forward. However AI issues still manage to stop this game from making even more progress. It is my honest opinion the short timeframe from the first NBA release to the release this game that is a major factor for this, and with a full year till NBA 07 it can only get that much better from here.
IGN (Sep 27, 2005)
Yes, the game does look better, and the new mini-games are really fun, but the overall product does need more work. The players need to be more pro-active in defending the hoop. I didn’t watch the opponent just barely slip by my teammate. No. I really saw my teammate give the guy an open lane to the goal – tons of space. He didn’t even look at him, or try to do anything about the fact that he was on his way to score on us. It’s frustrating and it needs tuning.
Overall, NBA 06 has a lot to offer and plenty of hours of gameplay with the season mode, minigames, online mode and more, but the game just feels incomplete and rushed. This particularly has to do with the lack of defense found in the game and to a lesser extent the non-inclusion of many of the newest NBA stars. The game is high-action and fast-paced though and that certainly gives the game a good feel and something to work from in the future.
Game Over Online (Oct 10, 2005)
NBA ’06 is definitely improved over the launch title, with a number of smoother animations, two new mini-games and simpler gameplay mechanics. However, the sometimes idiotic AI on your team and nonsensical limitations on jukes or cleanly driving to the lane without picking up the ball will make any basketball fan call for a technical foul on this title.
70 (Jan 18, 2006)
Although not as richly developed as its console cousins, NBA 06 should satisfy your b-ball craving if you're a gamer on the go. One major improvement is the shot meter, a glowing halo around the ball that turns from red to green to indicate when a shot should be released. Minigames are a ton of fun—we couldn't stop laughing during our game of dodgeball. Wireless game play (in ad hoc or infra-structure mode) means you'll never have to play solo.
NBA 06 shows signs of one day being a good game of basketball, at least one day. The number of flaws still remaining in the game outweigh any of the game's improvements. As was the case last year, mini-games are the real star here and frankly, the only thing really worth checking out. Still, the excitement is short lived. Even hardcore basketball fans should avoid NBA 06.
GamingTrend (Nov 07, 2005)
NBA 06 has a lot going for it. The ability to play a season, varied mini-games, and decent controls, NBA 06 should be a winner. However, just when you feel the game is going to go to the basket with a slam dunk, the ball bounces off the rim and rebounds to center court. If the gameplay could match the options of the game, NBA 06 would be a contender for the playoffs. Unfortunately, NBA 06 ends up on the bench, waiting for another year.
All of the pieces are coming together. It just needs to get its butt back into training camp to iron out the fundamentals of the game.
Modojo (Oct 03, 2005)
However, improvement is improvement and NBA 06 is much improved and certainly worth a look. The fact that the game looks better is nice, and the gameplay's actually worth checking out once you get the hang of it. Next year, we should have a real monster on our hands. As is, it's still maturing, but its fangs are getting sharper.
The Next Level (Oct 25, 2005)
It should also be noted that NBA '06 also offers online play where you can not only play with someone else in the room, but with anyone else with the game across the country. As one of the few PSP games with full online capability, I was excited to see how I would fare against others in the regular game or even the game's mini games. Unfortunately, it appears that Sony's reputation with sports games has scared off quite a few, as I was never able to find a single online opponent. Chances are, if they're playing a basketball game on their PSP, they're probably more inclined to get EA's NBA Live. But still, at least for a change, this is one Sony developed sports title that you won't be ashamed to play.
GameSpot (Oct 03, 2005)
While NBA 06 does offer some high points, such as a more sensible control mechanism, improved graphics and play calling, and a quick pace to its gameplay, the flaws in the AI on both sides of the ball make it impossible for us to recommend. It's a better game than its predecessor, which was released as a launch title with the PSP, but that's really not saying much. We'd also liked to have seen a franchise mode added. The season mode and minigames are nice and all, but NBA 06 just doesn't deliver where it really counts.