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DreamcastDigital Press - Classic Video Games (Sep 09, 2005)
Next to NBA Hangtime (and probably Jam T.E.), this is Midway's best entry into their arcade basketball series, even if it doesn't do anything completely original. It's been refined enough to make it to this point without losing any of the fun factor, while adding in some small sim-like options to appeal to a real NBA fan. It may be considered a classic like the earlier games; that doesn't mean it's not worth playing.
DreamcastIGN (Feb 20, 2001)
NBA Hoopz is the standard multi-player sports game for guys who don't play sport games. Easy controls, simple gameplay mechanics,decent visuals, and multi-player capabilities make this an easy choice for party games. As for a single player game, though it contains cool mini-games and nice customization features, the lack of depth in the gameplay and that annoying AI make NBA Hoopz a game that you grab only when you have company over.
PlayStation (May 03, 2001)
Schade, schade, schade. Ein erfolgreiches Spielprinzip wird durch uninspirierte Grafik und einen im Einzelspielermodus zu hoch angesetzten Schwierigkeitsgrad in die zweite Liga der Basketballspiele verdammt. Auch die Mini-Spiele -an sich eine gute Idee- vermögen da nicht mehr die Karre aus dem Dreck zu ziehen. Wer ein kurzweiliges Basketball-Vergnügen für zwei Spieler sucht oder sich generell nur die letzten fünf Minuten eines NBA-Spieles anschaut, wird sicherlich gefallen an NBA Hoopz finden, sollte jedoch vorher ein Probespielchen wagen. Alle anderen werden ihre Hoffnung wahrscheinlich auf das ähnlich gelagerte NBA Street setzen, das im Laufe des Jahres erscheinen soll.
DreamcastGameSpot (Feb 15, 2001)
NBA Hoopz for the Dreamcast is the same old song and dance that Midway has been perpetuating for years now. While it's undoubtedly the closest that the series has come to an arcade-perfect console version of NBA Jam, the tired gameplay and the irritatingly cheap computer AI keep Hoopz from being a must-buy. If you haven't had enough of flaming basketball insanity already, Hoopz is a fine addition to your Dreamcast software library. The addictive and fun head-to-head gameplay takes some time to wear out its welcome, and the new options included in the game will pacify NBA Jam veterans enough to warrant a rental.
DreamcastGamezone (Germany) (Apr 27, 2001)
An und für sich ist dieser Titel gar nicht schlecht, wenn man eher auf Fun im Basketball steht, ist hier viel geboten. Witzige Moves, unglaublich Würfe und vor allem sehenswerte Sprünge, manche Spieler glauben echt, sie seien Superman. Die Grafik und allgemeine Präsentation ist ansehnlich. Auch der Spielfluss ist sehr flüssig. Fazit: Eine Alternative zu NBA 2K ist dieser Titel keines Falls, aber wer Fun möchte!?
DreamcastPower Unlimited (May, 2001)
Tjonge, je wilt niet weten hoe teleurgesteld ik was toen ik eindelijk een balletje ging gooien.
PlayStationGameSpot (Feb 15, 2001)
While still fun in head-to-head situations, the few added features can't mask the fact that NBA Hoopz is basically the same exact game as last year's NBA Showtime. The extra player only causes confusion, the hoopz button is relatively ineffective, and several gameplay modes found in all the other versions of Hoopz are missing. If you don't already have an NBA Jam-type basketball game for your PlayStation, Hoopz is the cream of the crop. For those who have been down this road before, there's little incentive to give NBA Hoopz a look.
PlayStation 2Super Play (Sweden) (Apr, 2001)
Midways nya basketspel känns inte direkt revolutionerande, men gillar man arkadbasket och har tröttnat på utbudet till PlayStation är det värt ett försök.
PlayStation 2Power Unlimited (May, 2001)
Ik durf te stellen dat deze game zelfs met twee spelers gigantisch tegenvalt. Je zult je meer lopen te ergeren aan de computer gestuurde medespeler dan dat je daadwerkelijk een bal door het netje krijgt.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (May, 2001)
I’m no Red Auerbach, so fast arcade action is fine by me, but there are two key faults that force me to tell NBA Hoopz to grab some pine at the far end of the PS2 basketball bench. One, and the most severe, is the graphics. The character models are absolutely laughable. During a game of Around the World, I could see the polygon that made up Vince Carter’s neck jutting out through his shoulder blade. Compared to NBA 2K1, it's shameful how shabby NBA Hoopz looks. The second problem actually stems from one of the ostensible “improvements” that Eurocom made – ramping up the action to include three players per side. While this sounds great in theory, it generally manages to bog down the play on the court, as there’s just too many people in the lane at once. Look elsewhere for your roundball kicks.
DreamcastHappyPuppy (Mar 07, 2001)
There are a few new mini-games thrown in, and the crazy cheat codes are back, but they're a fleeting distraction at best. This game is worth nothing to people who have played one of these before. I'd still recommend it as a rental for newbies, cause it's a blast for the first few hours, but it quickly morphs into a coaster. I think that there's still potential in this type of game, but I'd be stunned if Midway ever made the changes needed to do it. I'd love to see Visual Concepts convert the NBA2K1 engine into an arcade-style game with over-the-top effects, and some Tony Hawk-style button combos for dunks and blocks. But for now, hoops fans are much better off sticking with the simulations.
PlayStation (Apr 20, 2002)
Oubliez vite cette production sans saveur qui tente de plagier le gameplay arcade du mythique NBA Jam d'antan sans parvenir à y ajouter un soupçon d'originalité. Les ressources de la PS2 ne sont absolument pas exploitées, et l'on se lasse vite de ces matches surréalistes qui s'enchaînent tous de façon identique.
DreamcastAll Game Guide (2001)
Ultimately, the most fun to be had with NBA Hoopz is if you have several friends who enjoy fast-action arcade-style sports games, as playing the computer is more or less a chore. You should really only consider buying NBA Hoopz if you are looking for some fast, furious arcade basketball and don't have NBA Showtime, since this game, try as it might, just doesn't do enough to distinguish itself.
50 (Apr 11, 2001)
NBA Hoopz aura du mal à captiver l'intérêt du joueur plus de quelques heures. Après quelques matches, on se lasse de ces phases de jeu répétitives. La réalisation décevante, en-deçà des capacités de la console, rend peu crédibles toutes ces figures surréalistes. L'amateur de basket aura donc tout intérêt à opter pour un NBA 2K si ce n'est pas déjà fait.
PlayStationPSM (Apr, 2001)
Hoopz on the PSOne includes create-a-team and create-a-player features, and NBA trivia between games, but there are no minigames, like 2ball, 21 and Around the World, like the PS2 version. Although Midway's arcade basketball tradition includes Hang Time and Showtime, Hoopz comes up short on the innovation and presentation that would merit its existence.
PlayStation 2PSM (May, 2001)
We would try and make jokes by spelling words with a "z," but we're just too tired. Playing sports games that don't reinvent or add to the formula they're based on is like flogging a dead horse. While the addition of one man per team for 3 vs 3 play creates more passing options, and the inclusion of selected mini-games provides a diversion from repetitive "classic" gameplay, Hoopz fails to spark the revolution next-generation arcade basketball so desperately needs.
40 (Apr 10, 2001)
Un titre navrant, aux graphismes consternants même sur une PSX vieillissante. Les amateurs d'un basket esthétique, fluide et réaliste prendront soin de l'éviter. NBA Hoopz ne fait pas mieux que son aîné Showtime.
PlayStationIGN (Apr 02, 2001)
Only if you're desperate should you even rent this game. It's a poor port of a game that's not good, and only looks and plays worse on the PlayStation. Don't get it.