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NBA Live 95 Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Trying a three point basket
The is trying a "Dunk"
New York vs. Seattle
Player infos
NBA Live 95 intro on tv
Title screen (from intro)
Title screen
Main menu
Rules screen
Options screen
Players list
You can view each players information
Western NBA teams
Team information screen
Exhibition mode startup screen
The Houston Rockets
Trade menu
Choosing control type
New York Knicks vs. Houston Rockets
Two teams ratings with stars
Team starters in game
1st Quarter starts in the middle
Better to pass the ball if you can't go forward
Houston just got a basket
Pause menu
Stats menu
Leaders list
Comparing two players
Game collects stats about user
Houston Rockets strategy menu

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Selecting a team
Setting rules
Playoff table
Team comparison
Clyde "The Glide" Drexler, my favorite NBA player :)
During the game, you can pause and choose strategy for your team
The ball is bouncing somewhere...
Wow, what a dunk!
Season mode
Famous locations: Boston...
...LA Forum...
... New York's Madison Square Garden

SNES version

Scene from the intro
Copyright notice
Main menu
Game's too hard? Bend the rules!
For some style activate slow-mo dunks in the options menu.
Select your favorite team.
There is versus play or co-op.
Our match tonight: Knicks vs. Rockets.
Comparison of team stats
Players are introduced before the game starts.
Tip off!
Small lead for the Rockets
Another nice basket
From time to time statistics are displayed.
There is a season mode, too.
The colors of the basketball arena depend on the home team.
The guy with the star - that's you!