NBA Live 98 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu - new layout
Creating a player
Playoff table
Beginning a game... quite an unspectacular screen
Here we go...
What a dunk!
Players stats
Offensive tactics
Struggle under the basket
Choosing teams for season mode
Team stats
Choosing controllers
Madison Square Garden, New York

SNES version

Copyright notice
Scene from the intro
The main menu has only 3 options at a time.
Scroll to see the other game options.
Team selection
Players can cooperate or play against each others.
Tonight's match
Team comparison - from balls ('95) to stars ('96) to balls again
Introduction to the teams
The sprites are not as tiny as in previous installments.
Trying to make the shot.
Pause menu - change your strategy or watch a replay.
Assign strategies to a button.
Powerful dunk!
Colors vary with the home team.
Taking the long shot, it's going to be blocked.
Another dunk