Advertising Blurbs
    NBA Live 99 is back with more backcourt action. Select your team and prepare for a gruelling season of dribbling, shooting, blocking and squeaky shoes. All your favourites are included and you have the feature of creating your own players.

    The AI teams are pretty good this time around, so if you think you can just walk up the middle of the court and dunk the ball, be warned. These opponents will steal and block that ball any chance they get, so be prepared to use your team to its fullest and take them out.

    You have the real life options of placing trades, releasing players and signing free agents. Now you can build that dream team or assemble a bunch of rookies and build the future dynasty you've always dreamed of.

    Of course basketball isn't all slam-dunks, so choose your team wisely, as that three point shot may just come in handy.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Nov 02, 2004.