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Combined User Score 7 3.5

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DreamcastIGN (Nov 16, 1999)
In the end, this sort of up-and-down opinion swing characterizes NBA Showtime quite well. If you're not obsessed with a sim-style basketball experience, then NBA on NBC remains an excellent arcade title, packed with intensity and personality. While it may falter on occasion as a single-player experience, the multi-player aspects of Showtime will be more than enough to satisfy any video game b-ball fan and will go a long way towards pleasing the casual gamer, as well. If this sounds like you, then you'd be well-advised to pick this one up, as it's the best homegrown arcade hoops title we've seen to date.
DreamcastVideo Games (Feb, 2000)
Wer von allzu bierernsten Simulationen die Nase voll hat, ist hier genau an der richtigen Adresse. Besonders mit mehreren Kumpels macht dieses Game einen höllischen Spaß. Und auch alleine ist dieses Spiel immer wieder für eine Runde zwischendurch gut - so wie der Automat halt. Bessere und vor allem spektakulärere Dunks gibt's nirgends zu sehen.

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DreamcastMega Fun (Jan, 2000)
NBA Showtime weiß durchaus zu gefallen. Zwar macht der Titel in Single-Player-Mode aufgrund der unausgewogenen KI deutlich weniger Spaß als im Spiel zu viert, dennoch ist das Game klar auf den Fun-Aspekt ausgelegt. Die feine Optik wie auch der sehr gute Sound passen hervorragend zu den meterhohen Sprüngen und brennenden Körben.
PlayStationGamezilla (Apr 17, 2000)
This is a fun game but it has its faults. They really need to improve the graphics so that you can better see who has the ball and improve the gameplay to where not all the games are decided by the last 15 seconds. I’d recommend renting it first and then if you still like it, make the purchase.
DreamcastRevista Oficial Dreamcast (Feb, 2000)
Queda claro entonces que NBA Show Time no pretende ser un simulador al uso, pero ahí radica su especial encanto. Y como además tiene el mejor modo multijugador de Dreamcast hasta ahora, las horas de juerga frente al televisor están garantizadas.
DreamcastPlanet Dreamcast (Nov 22, 1999)
If you like NBA Jam or like NFL Blitz and enjoy basketball, get NBA Showtime. If you've got friends to play against, you definitely want this in your collection. NBA Showtime isn't for everyone, but those of you that enjoy Midway's style of sports games won't be disappointed.
DreamcastGamezilla (Jan 10, 2000)
If you are looking for a game to play with your friends, this game is a blast. If you are looking for a game to play by yourself, you will not have as much fun in the long term as in the short. There are some really cool dunks and dunk animations but after you play a dozen games, you will have seen most of them. The player faces are so real it is almost unbelievable. I guess if you are looking for some fast paced, arcade action or if you loved the old Jam games, you should be in heaven.
DreamcastGame Revolution (Jan 01, 2000)
The additions of free-throws keep the game from becoming a shoving match, adding some balance to the multi-player. Add in the updated rosters and familiarity of the classic Jam mechanics, and you'll find the Dreamcast edition a worthy title. Despite the stop-motion glitches and the erratic drones, playing with a gang of pals is fun. While I can't quite say the same for the other versions of the game, if you're starting to get somewhat Blitzed out and are looking for a change of sport, then it's Showtime, baby.
DreamcastGameSpot (Nov 19, 1999)
NBA Showtime is a fun game, but its longevity is directly linked to the number of friends you have who are interested in the game. Playing it alone gets old fast, and playing it with four people who are close to equal in skill is really the only way to go. If you've got the posse, get the game. Otherwise, you may want to rent it for a few days instead.
DreamcastThe Next Level (Jan 25, 2000)
In short, it's personal preference against overall gameplay execution and enjoyment. Thus, in no manner does this detract from the pleasure one can derive from playing hours upon hours. The game is relatively challenging, in fact...too much to the point that sometimes you'll feel that the difficulty factor is unbalanced in the AI's favor. Blowing out the computer and then suddenly being brushed aside by computer players who miraculously regain the lead can not only be frustrating to some players, but it invokes a possibility of the game becoming a new coaster (or the controller, self control sold separately). Thankfully, when the CPU either becomes a aggravating burden, there's the option to buddy up or go against a friend...three additional players at that which increases the replay value for Showtime considerably. In fact, I personally recommend that its played with human opponents, as it's a effective game for talking trash talk and subduing the sports ego.
75 (Dec 14, 1999)
C'est cool une partie de basket sur Dreamcast, ya pas à dire. On en prend une nouvelles fois plein les mirettes, on effectue les trucs les plus durs en appuyant sur un simple bouton, et on peut s'amuser à quatre en même temps. Tout n'est pas parfait, loin de là, et NBA Showtime contentera un public peu exigeant et désireux de s'amuser sans prise de tête. Les perfectionnistes seront déçus.
Nintendo 64IGN (Nov 18, 1999)
While the speed of the game is impressive and the action is non stop, the sum total of all the little omissions here and there do add up and dampen the spirit of the game enough to notice. No replays, missing sound samples and choppy scoring animations may not seem like much by themselves but taken together they all point to one thing. This game was rushed and/or a low priority. Even if we forgive the missing sound because of the N64's weak audio capabilities, we can't overlook other clues of laziness. In the create-a-player mode there is still the option to choose your guy's jersey number even though there are no jersey numbers anywhere in the game. Showtime is the best two on two basketball arcade experience on the N64 period. I just can't escape the nagging feeling that this game could've been done a little better with just a little more time or effort or both.
PlayStationVideo Games (Mar, 2000)
Ganz klarer Fall. Wer im Besitz eines DC ist, der sollte sich auf alle Fälle die Sega-Version zulegen. Denn diese kommt dem Arcade-Version deutlich näher. Doch auch die PS-Version hat ihren Reiz, auch wenn man auf keinen Fall große Spieltiefe oder gar Simulationsaspekte erwarten darf. Doch mit mehreren Kumpeln, die am besten nicht die Geduld haben, sich mit komplizierten Tastenbelegungen auseinander zu setzen, kann durchaus Spaß aufkommen.
Nintendo 64Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Jan 25, 2000)
NBA Showtime may be about as blatant an attempt to continue to cash in on the success of a prior franchise as I’ve ever seen, but you’ll find selling out is sweet in this particular case. This title isn’t quite as awe-inspiring as NFL Blitz, but it still does a fine job of delivering the kind of attitude and addictive, action-oriented basketball game you’d hope for. Provided you can overlook the poor quality of the visuals, the omissions lost in the title’s transition from the arcade to the home version, and the total lack of originality, you’ll be in for a treat whether playing alone or with several friends. NBA Showtime may not be destined to make as much of an impact as NBA Jam, but trust me, it’s still jammin’.
Nintendo 64All Game Guide (1999)
NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC is one of those games that isn't innovative, technically advanced or terribly deep for its time. But it's just so much fun that you can't help but play it over and over -- notably with two or more players. If you want the magic of the original NBA Jam rekindled, give NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC a shot.
Nintendo 64Digital Press - Classic Video Games (May 30, 2007)
Enhancing the excitement four-fold, multi-player is what launches this game into the spotlight. Within a brief twelve minute round, clouds of taunt and laugher will pour, respect will be rewarded, pride will be surrendered, and instant rematches will be challenged. Just goes to show that a home translation can set a console on fire just as it did in the arcades if its most priceless value is preserved.
Nintendo 6464 Power / big.N / N Games (Dec, 1999)
Grafisch steht NBA Showtime in keiner Relation zu der Automaten- oder der Dreamcast-Version. Die N 64-Fassung läuft zwar schneller als ihr Automatenvorbild, doch dieser vermeintliche Vorteil wurde mit einer drastischen Reduzierung des Detaillevels teuer erkauft. Die Alter Egos an ihren Gesichtszügen eindeutig zu identifizieren, ist unmöglich. Auf einem kleineren TV-Schirm tummeln sich so zwangsläufig eine Menge Fremde, da man die Spieler weder optisch erkennen kann, noch ihre Namen richtig zu lesen vermag.
PlayStationIGN (Dec 16, 1999)
It's still the cheap, foul-heavy play that always manifested in NBA Jam and NBA Hangtime, but there's a certain skill to fouling and stealing, and you can get quite good at the simple basics of good defense and solid passing and still win a game. But you can't rely only on that. You need to have the cheap, scrappy defense and the high-flying slamalicious TV play that gets the crowd going wild. My only last complaint is that keeping an "on-fire" streak alive is super hard. It only lasts a turn or so before it goes away.
Nintendo 64GameSpot (Nov 19, 1999)
It's not perfect, but NBA Showtime is still a fun four-player game, and it's worlds better than the team's last N64 arcade basketball translation, NBA Hangtime. Give it a three-day rental, and see if you're left hungry for more.
PlayStationGameSpot (Nov 19, 1999)
It's not perfect, but NBA Showtime is still a fun four-player game, and it's worlds better than any other arcade basketball game on the PlayStation. Give it a three-day rental and see if you're left hungry for more.
Nintendo 64Gaming Age (1999)
Incredibly addictive, this is a terrific multiplayer title that can provide hours and hours of fun with a couple of friends. Be warned, though, there seems to be a heavy amount of competitiveness brought out in NBA Showtime that can bring some vengeful vents from people. Naturally, I found out that fact the hard way. Grab the Dreamcast version of this game if you can, but the Nintendo 64 game still comes highly recommended.
PlayStationNowGamer (Jan 01, 2000)
Of course, if you liked the NBA Jam games, or enjoy all things basketball in general, then there is fun to be had, just not in an original sense. This has all been done before, and better, and unless you have the anticipation skills of an aging Vegas card shark then you’ll never be able to steal the ball off the opposition, meaning that the matches consist almost entirely of end to end scoring in turn. It is big on action though, and some of the dunks are hugely entertaining, at least they are the first few times you see them.
DreamcastPlayer One (Dec, 1999)
NBA Showtime est d'un intérêt finalement moyen. Même si vous êtes un accroc de jeux de basket, réfléchissez avant d'acheter.
60 (Jun 06, 2000)
Même si ce NBA Showtime s’avère un peu superficiel dans son gameplay, par un manque de profondeur de jeu assez flagrant, on prend toutefois du bon temps à éxécuter les mouvements les plus difficiles et impressionnants du basket. Et le mode quatre joueurs est toujours le bienvenu ! Mais ce titre ne vous tiendra probablement pas bien longtemps en haleine.
Nintendo 64Daily Radar (1999)
Showtime is almost exactly the same as the old NBA Jam arcade games. The graphics are now polygonal, but they're so lacking in detail, you'd almost wish the programmers stuck with sprites. The sound is almost exactly the same, and the gameplay offers nothing new. If you've never played the Jams series, you'll enjoy the gameplay, but if you own any version at all of this franchise, then you'll find nothing to get excited about in Showtime.
DreamcastThe Video Game Critic (May 12, 2002)
The action is non-stop, and the in-your-face dunks are amazing. Unfortunately, if you don't have four players, this game is pretty worthless. Other problems include a severe lack of options and an excessive number of loading screens. The Matrix-like camera sweeps that happen at the end of each half are meant to look dramatic, but usually just look silly. With some tweaking (or game testing) Showtime could have been great, but instead it's just so-so.
PlayStationMega Fun (Apr, 2000)
Zu Anfang wacht NBA Showtime wegen der spektakulären Bewegungen und der emotionalen englischen Sprachausgabe noch Spaß, allerdings nach nur wenigen Stunden Spielzeit hat man alles gesehen (und gehört) und es wird langweilig. Grafisch ist diese Arcade-Umsetzung recht schwach. Die Animationen wirken teilweise abgehackt und die Wiedererkennung der NBA-Stars ist nahezu null. Unterm Strich bleibt ein kurzer Spaß für eingefleischte NBA-Fans.
PlayStationGame industry News (GiN) (Jan 26, 1999)
With the glut of sports games out for all the systems these days, you have to do something pretty spectacular to get noticed, and putting Shaq on the cover of your box just doesn't cut it. NBA on NBC not only doesn't qualify as a basic upgrade of NBA Jam, by all accounts it's a game that takes two steps back, launches one form beyond the arc and throws up an air-ball.
Midway may have succeeded in scaling down the American football to a seven-a-side laugh-a-thon, but they have failed with basketball. This is Puma Street Soccer for basketball fans.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Jan 01, 2000)
The addition of free-throws keep the game from becoming a shoving match, adding some balance to the multiplayer. The updated rosters and familiarity of the classic Jam mechanics help as well, but the aforementioned flaws of collision detection coupled with the heinous graphical blur really detract from the whole experience. If you're desperate for some Showtime, look elsewhere.

antstream tournament