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    NBA Street Vol.2 challenges the console gamer to take basketball to the streets, defeat the greatest lineup of hoop starts ever assembled, and become the best baller of all time. Coming at you with bigger-than-life street moves. Hoop it up in style with NBA Street Vol.2 from EA Sports BIG. Ball above the rim with NBA legends, and bring it with today's biggest NBA stars. If you can back it, bring it!!

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22269) on Sep 23, 2010.
    Fast, funky, and packed to the rafters with new features, EA's hoop-shooting adventure returns to the PS2 with a B-ball-tastic sequel

    Fans of the original NBA Street will no doubt be waiting in eager anticipation to get their mitts on another essential slice of basketball action, and with Street 2, all the eye-poppingly spectacular moves are here, complete with shiny graphics and enhanced gameplay. For those unfamiliar with the first edition, NBA Street combines urban cool with mad moves in EA Sports BIG's own inimitable colourful, vibrant environments. The gameplay is basically unaltered, with arcade-style three-on-three ballgames on offer, as well as various modes, including two detailed career-based modes: NBA Challenge and Be a Legend.

    The enormously playable first edition, NBA Street (released for the PS2 back in 2001) put a whole new spin on basketball games, giving the genre a welcome shot of humour, and Street 2 continues this tradition admirably. The customisable mode, Create a Baller, allows you to design your own ker-azy character, and the fully paid-up NBA licence means that there's a veritable basketball hall of fame available to choose from. From contemporary players to old school heroes, the jam-packed roster features more than 150 NBA stars of past and present. Take your pick from sporting luminaries such as Jerry West, George "Iceman" Gervin, "Pistol" Pete Maravich and Magic Johnson to name but a few.

    The nigh-on perfect controls of the first game remain essentially unaltered, with pass, tackle, dribble and shoot boosted by the use of the left and right shoulder buttons for pulling off pleasingly outlandish specials. Familiar moves, such as 'alley oops', make a welcome return - and nifty new moves including 'Off the Heezay' and 'Be the Oop' make their debut. Indeed.

    The cooler, or 'flyer' your moves, the more your boost meter gets topped up. Once you've filled it completely, you'll be rewarded with a 'Gamebreaker', which will let you slam it home in spectacular style.

    Overflowing with extras, NBA Street Vol 2 offers up a wealth of unlocks on completion of the career modes, with additional outfits, characters and courts all there for the erm, unlocking. If you're the discerning sort and bought NBA Street, this should be a welcome addition to your gaming collection, but if you missed out the first time, then this is an absolute must-own title. Crammed with smart moves, gorgeous graphics, and immaculate gameplay, Street 2 is a worthy successor to the excellent original.

    • New four-player mode means you can battle it out with three other mates

    • Amazing, showstopping special moves, including alley oops and the all-new 'Be the Oop'

    • Play as contemporary NBA stars or old school ballers

      • Contributed by DreinIX (10672) on Apr 17, 2008. – GameCube:

        Hit the blacktop with your hightops.

        No other sport lends itself to arcade antics quite like basketball. Following up their freshman street basketball success, EA returns to the hard court with NBA Street Vol. 2.

        US Trotting

        Take a cross-country tour with hundreds of the finest NBA and street hoops legends in 3-on-3 basketball competitions. While NBA Street Vol. 2 makes excellent use of the NBA players association license, just about every NBA rule and regulation has been thrown out the window. There are no back court violations, goaltending penalties or personal fouls. Only a shot clock and ball-handling savvy can save you from being man-handled by the opposition.

        Offensive Savvy

        Scoring is broken down into one and two point shots. Any shot made within the perimeter counts as a short-range shot and is worth one point. Nail a long-range shot from outside the line and you score two points. To facilitate proper shot selection, EA has added a shot quality color indicator to each player.

        While handling the ball, your player has a colored circle beneath him which indicates the likelihood of a shot going in from his or her current location. A green circle means that a shot from that area has a high chance of making it. Probability decreases as the circle turns yellow and then red. Make sure that your player has a good chance of scoring before releasing the ball.

        All of the flashy feints and cross-over moves from the first NBA Street have returned for Vol. 2. Players can head fake, post up, dribble between the legs and perform street feats that would make the Harlem Globetrotters blush. These fancy moves don't only give players an edge over the offense.

        Breaking the Game

        By stringing together special moves and tricks, your team is awarded bonus points which are added to your momentum gauge. Once your gauge is filled, your team is given a limited amount of time to pull off a patented Gamebreaker. You can easily make or break the flow of the match by executing one of these high-energy maneuvers.

        The Gamebreaker pretty much guarantees that any shot from anywhere on the court will go in. Not only will the shot add to your game score, it will also take away the same number of points from the opposing team. The first team to reach 21 points on the scoreboard wins.

        Stay Amateur or Go Pro

        Players can compete in either NBA play or Street Legend mode. NBA play is just like it sounds. Choose any team in the NBA and play every other team to become world champions. The rules are still street style, but with the added technical prowess of NBA all-stars.

        Each NBA player has been faithfully modeled to look like his real-life counterpart. Vol. 2 has updated last year's roster to include retired legends like Larry Bird and Dr. J. New NBA upstarts like the Houston Rockets' Yao Ming complete an already impressive roster of professional greats. And yes, even Michael Jordan has returned to the game in three flavors (classic Bulls, veteran Bulls and post-retirement Wizards).

        Player Creator

        Street Legend mode allows you to create your own custom baller or choose from a pre-made line-up of fictional players. A full range of character creation options is available for picky players. You can adjust your character's physique, face type, hair type/color, attire and basic biography. You also have a limited number of attribute points which you can use to improve your player's ball handling, power, dunking, shooting, blocking and stealing abilities.

        Once your virtual self is completed, choose two other characters to complete your starting line-up. With each win, your team will be rewarded bonus attribute points which you can use to improve your players (RPG style). You also earn the option to add one of the defeated team's players to your roster.

        Down to the Wire

        The original NBA Street introduced console gamers to the world of professional street basketball. Unlike many other sports franchises, Vol. 2 offers more than a roster update and minor cosmetic tweaks. Four player simultaneous action and fine-tuning of the gameplay make NBA Street Vol. 2 the arcade hoops game to beat.

        Contributed by Evil Ryu (65820) on Sep 17, 2005. - GameCube/PlayStation 2/Xbox:
        Der Spieler wird Gelegenheit haben, einer völlig neuen und außergewöhnlichen Star-Aufstellung die Stirn zu bieten. Hier treffen Top-Spieler der alten und neuen Schule aufeinander - Wilt, Magic und Dr. J sowie eine Auswahl von 25 NBA-Legenden und 150 aktuelle NBA-Spieler nehmen die Herausforderung gerne an. Dir stehen ein ganzes Arsenal an beeindruckenden Bewegungen, völlig neuen und kraftvollen Dunkings, fantastische Dribblings und die coolsten Pässe, die es je gab, zur Verfügung. Der Spieler taucht in die völlig realistisch gestaltete Welt der Streetballspieler ein und nutzt seine Chance, um der Beste zu werden. Die Multiplayer-Option ermöglicht es in einem Spiel gegen Freunde anzutreten oder als Team in der Welt der NBA Street Vol. 2 mitzumischen.


        • Die besten Spieler aller Zeiten - 25 NBA-Legenden mit ihren Originaltrikots und ihren charakteristischen Bewegungen! - Dr. J, Magic, Bird, Wilt, Moses.
        • Die besten Courts des Landes - 7 AUTHENTISCHE Umgebungen, die die Atmosphäre für ein wahres Streetball-Feeling schaffen, z.B. Soul in the Hole, NY, Boys Harbour (Finding Forrester).
        • Völlig neue Bewegungen - Zusätzlich zu den spektakulären Dunkings, Dribblings und Pässen, die selbstverständlich für NBA Street sind, wird der Spieler in der Lage sein, den Ball vom Spielbrett wegzupassen - entweder zu sich selbst oder zu einem anderen Spieler seines Teams. Der Spieler kann seinen Gegner ganz schön alt aussehen lassen, wenn er den Ball über dessen Kopf hinweg wirft! Der Ball kann einem anderen Spieler zugepasst werden, dabei behält der Spieler die Kontrolle über den Spieler ohne Ball. Diese Option kann genutzt werden, um Alley Oops selbst auszuführen.
        • Gamebreaker3 - Mit dem grandiosen Gamebreaker3 kann der Spieler seinem Gegner zeigen, was er drauf hat. Zusätzlich gibt es die Option, Gamebreakers für einen späteren Spieleinsatz aufzuheben.
        • Eigene Regeln - Der SPIELER legt fest, wie er spielen möchte.
        • Multiplayer-Option - Der Spieler tritt gegen eine KI, seine Freunde oder ein Team, bestehend aus den besten Spielern der Welt an (1-4 Spieler).
        • Erweiterter Modus "Spieler erstellen" - Der Spieler wird in der Lage sein, neue Bewegungen für seinen Spieler zu verdienen und freizuschalten.
        • Spektakuläre neue Animationen - Mehr als 500 neue Animationen. Die neue 360-Grad-Wiedergabe, ermöglicht eine unbegrenzte Anzahl von Kameraeinstellungen.

        Contributed by Xoleras (66738) on Jul 15, 2005.

      Electronic Arts UK website - PlayStation 2:

        To become the Greatest, you must beat the Greatest!

        You will have the chance to defeat the greatest lineup of hoop stars ever assembled. Old School meets New School when Wilt, Magic and Dr. J and a cast of 25 NBA Legends with signature moves meet to challenge you alongside over 150 current NBA players. You will have a formidable arsenal at your hands, with brand new high flying dunks, killer dribbles and the slickest passes you have ever seen. Enter the authentic all new, urban worlds that have been created and begin to take up the challenge to become the greatest player of all time. The multiplayer option allows you to battle friends or team up and take on the world that is NBA Street Vol. 2.


      • Challenge The Best Players Of All Time - 25 NBA legends complete with their original jerseys and their signature moves! - Dr. J, Magic, Bird, Wilt, Moses

      • The Country’s Best Courts - 7 AUTHENTIC urban worlds that recreate the feel and grit of the true street game ex. Soul in the Hole, NY, Boys Harbour (Finding Forrester).

      • All New Electrifying Moves - In addition to the spectacular dunks, dribbles and passes that you’ve come to expect from NBA Street, you’ll be able to pass the ball off the backboard – to yourself or a teammate for the alley oop. You’ll be able to make your opponent look like a chump by passing the ball off the heezay (his head) and you can actually be the oop! Pass the ball to another player, retaining control of the player without the ball. You can use the option to alley oop the ball to yourself.

      • Gamebreaker3 – School your opponent big time with the spectacular multiple character animated Gamebreaker3. You also have the option to pocket Gamebreakers for use later on in the game.

      • My Rules - Customize how YOU want to play the game.

      • Multiplayer Option – Play against the CPU, friends or team up against the best players in the world (1-4 players).

      • Enhanced Create-a-Player Mode - You will be able to earn and unlock new moves for your created player.

      • Spectacular New Animations – Over 500 new animations. New 360 degree rendering allows for infinite number of camera angles.

        Contributed by Xoleras (66738) on Jun 17, 2004.

      Press Release:


        REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 24, 2003 – Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS), announced today that NBA STREET Vol. 2 will be available Tuesday, April 29th under the EA SPORTS BIG’ brand for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Nintendo GameCube and the Xbox video game system from Microsoft.

        NBA STREET Vol. 2 lets players bring their act to the street and face off against the greatest basketball players of all-time on blacktop courts throughout North America. Players can choose from a roster of over 150 NBA stars past and present complete with their signature moves, in their quest for street ball dominance…alone, with a friend or in the new four-person multi-player mode.

        NBA STREET Vol. 2 carries an “E” (Everyone) rating from the ESRB and will be priced at US MSRP $49.99. NBA STREET Vol. 2 was developed by NuFX Inc. and EA Canada.

        About Electronic Arts Electronic Arts (EA), headquartered in Redwood City, California, is the world's leading interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, Electronic Arts posted revenues of more than $1.7 billion for fiscal 2002. The company develops, publishes and distributes software worldwide for the Internet, personal computers and video game systems. Electronic Arts markets its products under four brand names: EA SPORTS, EA GAMES, EA SPORTS BIG’ and EA.COM. More information about EA's products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at


        Contributed by skl (1139) on Feb 28, 2004.
        Take your skillz to a new level and challenge the greatest basketball icons to ever play the game, from the baddest old school legends to the hottest players of today. Feel the dominace of Wilt and Shaq. Soar above the rim with Dr. J and MJ. Run the show like Magic and Pistol Pete. That's right ths is your chance to defeat the best the street has to offer with all-new dunks, passes, dribbles, and special moves. Enter the most real urban worlds ever created and begin your journey to become a street legend.

        Contributed by Exodia85 (2180) on Jul 31, 2003.

      Back of Case - XBox:

        Bigger THan Life Moves






        Contributed by Corn Popper (69300) on May 18, 2003.

      Back of Case - PlayStation 2:

        Bigger THan Life Moves






        "So far above and beyond the original, it'll school you."
        - Official PlayStation Magazine

        Contributed by Corn Popper (69300) on May 18, 2003.