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On their way home, the player suddenly finds themselves somewhere they've never been before - and they're a cat now! Having discovered they've somehow entered a world of cats, the player gets help from friendly Officer Lucifurr and narcoleptic guru Ororo to find a way to return back home. Ororo's advice is to meet as and befriend as many cats as they can, and since puzzles are the new craze in the cat town, players will need to challenge cats to puzzle battles first before they can become friends.

This cross between a puzzle game and Neko Atsume has players meeting 40 different cats based on Street Fighter V characters. Players start out in the town, which features random cats playing much like in Neko Atsume; tapping on any cat allows players to try out their puzzle stage, with each cat having a unique stage. Clearing a stage lets the player spin a wheel to collect some cat food, which can be fed to the cat to make friends; the better the food, the better the chance of befriending a cat. The better job a player does of clearing a stage, the better the cat food will be. If the player succeeds in making friends, the cat gets added to the in-game encyclopedia where the player can read their profile.

Puzzle stages are match-two challenges; stages are filled with coloured blocks, and players tap on any group of two or more of the same colour in order to remove them. In addition to regular blocks, there are also various special blocks: boxes and barrels, which are destroyed when a combo is performed next to them; junkyards and cars, which take repeated adjacent combos in order to destroy; astronauts, which must be dropped off the bottom of the stage; gems, which explode when a combo of the same colour is performed next to them; bubbles, which are overlaid on top of blocks that must be cleared to eliminate them; and masks, which can only be eliminated via special items like mice or bombs. There are also a few special blocks which spawn when the player performs large combos: mice (5 blocks or more), which clear a horizontal or vertical line of squares; bomb balloons (7 or more), which destroy adjacent blocks; and yarn balls (9 or more), which destroy all blocks of the same colour on the stage. Activating a special item when it's adjacent to another special item launches an extra-powerful attack, clearing out much more of the stage.

Each stage has a unique layout and a unique goal. Some stages require clearing out particular total numbers of normal coloured blocks, while others will require players to clear out specific numbers of special blocks. Players are given a limited number of turns to reach their goal, and lose their chance to collect cat food if they run out of turns. Players' performance is scored based on the number of blocks destroyed over the course of a round with a bonus for clearing in a small number of moves.

Unlike the first game, which had a single field that every cat in the game could visit, Neco Drop 2 has four different fields that the player will make their way to as the story progresses. Each field has a different selection of cats, with later stages being more difficult. Players can now use extra bonus items to help them out if they're not able to finish missions, but unlike in most mobile puzzle games these don't cost money: they're all obtained for free by spinning a special bonus wheel, available whenever the player wishes. Before spinning, players can bet on an actual recorded Street Fighter V match and will receive extra items if their chosen fighter wins. Players can also get extra turns if they run out by betting on matches, with rewards of an extra 10 turns if their bet is successful.


Neco Drop 2 Browser First map - let's meet some cats!
Neco Drop 2 Browser Players can re-watch episodes from the story mode in the menus.
Neco Drop 2 Browser There are story scenes during the course of the game after finishing puzzles.
Neco Drop 2 Browser She liked it! We're friends now.

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