CheatsContributed by Ryan Prendiville (703) on Jan 02, 2001.

Type at menu to activate:

RUSHHOUR – Increase traffic
EMPIRE – Enables Empire City track
ELNINOR – Enables the El Nino car
MERC – Enables the Mercedes CLK GTR
GOFAST – Increased speed in a single race mode
ALLCARS – Enables all cars
JAG – Secret Jaguar Sport XJR-15
MONKEY – Better automatic shifting
MADLAND – Superhard AI

Type these right before clicking race to get vehicles:

GO01 – Mazda Miata GO02 – Toyota Landcruiser GO03 – Cargo Truck GO04 – BMW 5 Series GO05 – 1971 Plymouth Barracuda GO06 – Ford Pickup GO07 – Jeep Cherokee GO08 – Ford Van GO09 – 1965 Mustang GO10 – 1966 Chevy Pickup GO11 – Range Rover GO12 – School Bus GO13 – Caprice Classic Taxi GO14 – Chevy Van GO15 – Volvo Station Wagon GO16 -- Sedan GO17 – Crown Victoria Police Car GO18 – Mitsubishi Eclipse Police Car GO19 – Grand Am Police Car GO20 – Range Rover Police Car

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