Shortcut to escape easily or harder, from cops!Contributed by Miguel Lopez (2) on Mar 12, 2005.


Redrock ridge:Where a 180 turn road, between a wall and a 180 turn road; to do it, slow down about 30-60 mph.

Atlantica:Where the skyburches, go 180 where the brown thing then carefully steer and watch out!

Rocky Pass: on Rocky Pass, their a slope/ramp to air;air it.

Lost Canyon:When you're on that cave go on slope like about less than 120 mph.

Country wood: find a forest to get in, it like a stupid maze, go there carefully.

Aquantica: If you are under sign, slow down about 45-70 mph go 90 angle, then do it again carefully

Summit: Near the beggining, there are a very huge shortcut, find that white road go on it, then follow a path, then go to a gray road, carefully.

Empire City: Go to a junk of wooden box, there should be a shortcut.

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