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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Jack Rourke, the protagonist.
Jack is having hard trouble paying mob what he owes them, and they are determined to make an example of him.
Trying to outrun his pursuers like his life depends on it, which it coincidentally does.
For more realistic feel you can switch for front camera which will put you closer to the asphalt.
Whoa, they're shooting at me!
Sam Harper, an old friend of Jack, will give him an offer he cannot refuse.
Time to select vehicle for The Run.
If you don't want to have too much trouble driving, select the car with easy handling.
Somehow I can't get the "If You're Going to San Francisco" song out of my head.
Local police seems to have joined the race.
The race has over 200 contestants, and you will have to pass every single one of them.
You'll know the cops are near when your screen flashes red.
Use turbo boost to catch up with your opponents, but bear in mind they also have it and will actively use it.
Passing the police roadblock.
This is what happens when you take detours.
One of the most present mission style is take on the decided number of opponents on a given track length.
Highways will give you more space to navigate, but there'll be many civilian cars and trucks to block your way.
What, an old Golf model is speeding over 200kmph, how is that possible?
You can rotate the camera to look around, but it is highly inadvisable while driving at high speed unless it's sole purpose is for capturing screenshots.
Shortcuts may be rougher, but will save you some time if you can handle them.
You don't have to play nice in order to advance.
Driving in 1st-person will put you much closer and personal to your opponents.
You can stop at gas stations to switch cars.
There's still a long way to New York.
Some opponents you'll have to take head on, but winning will earn you their pink slips.
Racing against Nikki and Mila.
What a predicament.
Night driving.
The sign said that road may be icy in some areas, but everything seems icy here.
Don't worry if your car looks busted, at the beginning of each mission you get a brand new one.
It is a rare phenomenon that cops chase anyone else but me, must be a bug :P
As the race goes, you'll get access to faster cars.
Hold the lead until the counter reaches zero.
The entire stage, from west coast to east coast.
Drifting may help you in curves if you can master it.
If you wreck the car, you'll be able to continue, but there is a limited number to that.
Cops are fast and persistent but things happen.
There are many cars to check in the car viewer after you've finished the race.
Story mode menu
This porsche is soon going to be history
Leaving the scrapyard
There goes the color
The deal seems fair, if I make it to the goal, and as a winner
Setting sun is really making it hard to watch the road
Nitro boost before we enter the tunnel
Sometimes the road is just straight and without obstacles
There are many ways to wreck your car
Overtook rival, but at what expense, just look at my car

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu (Russian version)
Browsing through available cars
Changing car's appearance
Jack Rourke's profile (Russian version)
One of "press X to win" events
Sometimes you get to choose one of several available cars
It's more than 200 competitors and almost 5 000 kilometers from here to New York (Russian version)
The Run starts in a sunny L.A. location
A crash
Police roadblock ahead
Using nitro at the countryside
The map shows your position and tracks you've completed
Driver level up
Using a shortcut
I've got one second to reach the next checkpoint. Considering it's right before me and I'm going at 157 km/h, I think I'll make it
Intense battle on a winding highway. No need to play fair.
Each race starts with a little cutscene
Going down the hill - beautiful views
I can easily reach my top speed on this kind of road
Jack has won. Jack is happy.
Las Vegas at night - cops everywhere!
Surrounded by police
Lamborghini on a night highway
One of Jack's rivals
Highway can be dangerous at night
Racing through the desert at sunrise
Hairpins are perfect for taking out competition
It's me, the rival and a cop
Icy highway, 319 km/h... Definitely unsafe driving
Are you rad enough to escape the avalanche?
Chased by mafia. They don't hesitate to shoot!
This race is somewhat of a "boss fight"
Sooner or later you get to race rockets, like Pagani. As usual in NFS games.
Our final destination seems to be right ahead
This so much reminds me of NFS: Underground
Racing through a busy N.Y. street
Challenge series select screen (Russian version)
In this challenge I just need to avoid traffic and get to checkpoint in time
Platinum medal get!

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