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The Need for Speed Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Intro cinema. Car porn.
Title screen.
Fairly confusing main menu.
Loading screens. More car porn.
Alpine track.
Behind the driver's seat.
Crashed and spun out.
There's a face you just want to punch.
City level
When selecting a car, you can view some videos of it. Yet more car porn.
Coastal map.
Using the third person camera.
There's a nasty crash.
Shifter appears in a window when changing gears in driver's view.
Different cars have different cockpits.
New car on the Alpine track.
Tracks have some level of height changes.
Behind the wheel of the Dodge Viper.
Third person view of the Viper.
Tunnels and ramps dip your car into shadows.

DOS version

The Need for Speed splash screen
Head to head race
Control Central - the main menu
Passing police car
Each car has a "showcase" with lots of information and photos.
General info for the 911
On the racetrack
External camera
The design team
Racing the Mazda RX-7 on the Alpine track.
Plenty of opportunities to go airborne in the game.
Behind the wheel of the 911 on the scenic Coastal track.
Racing the Diablo VT at Rusty Springs, a closed circuit track.
4-wheel burnouts in the Diablo VT
Bad accidents will send you tumbling!
An overturned Vette at Rusty Springs
Inside the Ferrari 512TR at Vertigo Ridge
Over the hills and through the woods...
Top-notch vehicle artwork - the Acura NSX
Racing the NSX through the City course.
One of many tunnels in the game
The Viper packs a punch.
Overtaking the Ferrari in the Viper on the Coastal route.
Crossing a long bridge on the Alpine course.
Cruising through a tunnel in the Vette at Vertigo Ridge.
I'm last...
Nice but sad track
Opponents group
Twin car
Big circle...
Track info
Desert race
Graphic options
I see double (340x200)
Time to overtake him (320x200)
I see opponent. Faster!

PlayStation version

Title screen
Choosing a track.
Car selection
Race grid