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Fatal Fury: First Contact Screenshots (Neo Geo Pocket Color)

User Screenshots

Neo Geo Pocket Color version

Title screen / Main menu.
Title screen / Main menu (Japanese version).
Character selection.
VS screen.
Andy Bogard uses his elbow-based move Zan'ei Ken to try attack a just-recovered Li Xiangfei.
Li Xiangfei tries to attack Joe Higashi with her Nanpa move, but he's just waiting to strike back!
Terry Bogard goes to the heights after being struck with 2 hits of Rick Strowd's Hellion move!
Mai Shiranui uses his rising-flying Musasabi no Mai move and connects an useful hit in Kim Kaphwan.
Instead of strike back Terry Bogard's Round Wave, Ryuji Yamazaki decides only to execute his taunt.
Andy's offensive was suddenly canceled, 'cause Joe's Slash Kick was faster in the hit timing!
Andy Bogard is caught by Ryuji Yamazaki's Guillotine super move: the worst is still for coming...
Mai tries to attack Yamazaki, but she is surprised by the speed of his move Snake Tamer (low).
Kim Kaphwan takes advantage of his Hangetsu Zan move and does an surprise attack in Rick Strowd.
Kim Kaphwan's next battle starts and his first attack in Terry Bogard is a single throwing move.
Introduction frame: with a hard punch, the wandering fighter Rick Strowd smashes a big bad guy.
Billy Kane connecting successfully 6 hard-spinning hits in Xiangfei through his Whirlwind Wail move.
With Joe Higashi's open guard, the burning-flaming action of Wolfgang Krauser's Blitz Ball is total!
Geese Howard attacks throwing his Double Reppuken in direction to an apparently static Kim Kaphwan.
Match paused in the apex of Mai Shiranui's Night Bird move: Li Xiangfei could block it at time!
In a subsequent match, Xiangfei's offensive is interrupted by Mai's Ryuu Enbu (in Break Shot mode).
With a lot of accuracy and luck, Andy could connect all the 5 hits of his Geki Hishouken in Rick.
After 25 non-stopping hits of full power, Ryuji Yamazaki finishes his Yondal Drill in Terry Bogard.
Now it's Joe Higashi that goes to the heights with the whirlwind impact of Rick Strowd's Gaia Press!
Thanks to Kim Kaphwan's Kuu Sajin move impact, Terry Bogard is about to go to the heights again!
Using his body-spinning move Kuuha Dan, Andy was able to remove a lot more of Kim's energy bar.
Billy Kane strikes back Joe Higashi using 2/6 hits of his flame-swinging Salamander Stream.
Xiangfei's attempt of annul Billy's Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon fails: his super move is more powerful...
Wolfgang Krauser throws his Kaiser Wave in direction to Joe, forcing him to assume a guard position.
Andy tries to hit Geese by the air, but he's struck (maybe defeated?) by his Raging Storm...
Alfred's counterattack is unavoidably stopped by the smashing power of Terry's Power Geyser.
You missed me!
Tornado stick
Billy vs Yamazaki
Back's attack
Get in the ring!
Energy plasma
She jumps over Krauser.