Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory Screenshots (Neo Geo)

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Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
The main menu with some options...
Selecting OPTION, you can change the level, game time, your preferred language... and watch a funny characters performance!
One more time, learn (or revise) the basic game moves in the classic "How To Play" screen.
Select your fighter (including some new) and have a good match!
Like in previous games, you can select the first adversary to match.
South Town Map: red points shows next challengers location.
VS screen.
Starting the 1st match (and the 1st round) in the vast Pioneer Plaza.
Using miniatures of himself, Sokaku attacks Bob Wilson (notice that KOF's Kyo and Kensou are in the background).
Equipped with his nunchaku, Hon-Fu is a terrible (and burning) threat!
Without his nunchakus, Hon Fu is not much of a threat to Geese Howard, who throws him without mercy...
Geese Howard laughs, while his opponent clings to the building for his life.
Hon Fu and Bob Wilson get ready to "bring it on."
Bob Wilson attempts to hit Hon Fu with a crouching kick, but, by keeping a distance from his opponent, Hon Fu avoids it with much success!
Bob Wilson once again tries to hit Hon Fu with the same attack, but Hon Fu crouches down and guards himself to once again save his skins!
Geese Howard once again laughs, as his most hated enemy, Terry Bogard, lies on the ground in shame. Is he dead? <:( By the way, fighting hard and getting many A's is a great way to improve your score!
Franco Bash will never be very lucky with the ladies if he treats them the way he does... ;)
Geese Howard's "grab 'n' throw" counter move can cover your opponent in a cloud of smoke. I hope your face doesn't get TOO dirty, Franco... :)
You don't necessarily have to have the power of demons to show your opponent who's boss! >:)
Things don't look to be going so well for Bob Wilson today, folks. Can he avoid being hit by Geese Howard's Joli Reppuken?
Here in this anime-style VS. screen, you can see Geese Howard smiling menacingly at his worst, most hated enemy, Terry Bogard.
Geese Howard decides to "play it safe" by keeping a distance from Mai Shiranui and her fiery allies.
Here on this battle route map, you can see that Geese Howard gets transported from battle to battle by his private chauffeur.
The Fatal Fury bosses of old and new look each other down. Do you notice Yamazaki's fur coat?
Geese Howard crouches down (possibly to avoid getting a Snake Arm to the face?). Do you notice the train in the background?
Geese Howard gets a chance to show off his Bruce Lee-style flying kick move, while Yamazaki watches with his hands in his pockets (Is he going to pull out his "trusty knife"?).
Surrounded by fire, Sokaku teaches Franco Bash that it is a potentially lethal weapon when used in the wrong hands...
Sokaku has the ability to summon demons to assist him. This gives him a great advantage when dealing with opponents!