Fighter's History Dynamite Screenshots (Neo Geo)

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Neo Geo version

How to Play
Player Selection
Fighting Yungmie
Falling down
"This isn't happening", Yungmie says
Nice knickers
Fighting Ray
Fighting Lee
"Don't you think it's raining too much to fight?"
Fighting Feilin
Fighting Feilin at a festival?
Fighting Jean
Fighting Jean outside Café Le Pierre
Fighting my evil twin brother
Fighting Matlok
Fighting Kyoko
Fighting Marstorius
Fighting Sackay
Fighting Zazie
Fighter of Flames
Zazie holds Mizuguchi up in the air
Fighting Clown
Clown jiggles Mizuguchi using his feet
Fighting Karnov
Fighting Ox (extra round)
High Scores
Ryoko VS. Yungmie