The King of Fighters 2000 Screenshots (Neo Geo)

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Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese).
Main menu.
The old-skool "How To Play" screen: learning (or reviewing) some basic fighting commands...
Character selection.
Setting the battle order.
Kim Kaphwan tried to hit Hinako Shijou, but he was stopped by her fast-running-grab move Yorigiri...
Vanessa in an attempt to hit-attack Bao with her Parrying Puncher move: the little boy strikes back!
Chin Gentsai gets success on trying to "connect" his move Rouja Hanhou in Sie Kensou: 1 hit left...
Blue Mary tries to stop K's move Eins Trigger only using the impulsive impact of a Body Blow Attack!
The current 2 hits of Robert Garcia's Sen'en Renbu Kyaku only removed some bits of Chang's energy...
Practice Mode session with Mai Shiranui executing accurately her move Yume Zakura against Vanessa.
Some time after its activation, Leona Heidern's Moon Slasher hit-slashes Kasumi Todo successfully!
At the same time that escapes from Kasumi's Kasane Ate, Shingo tries to hit her with an air kick.
Chang Koehan's reversing-function move Tekkyuu Taiko Uchi hitting Yuri and Lilly at the same time.
Bao had to be enough fast to hit-surpass Ryo Sakazaki's Ko'ou Ken only using his Body Blow Attack...
Robert escapes from Yuri's kick using the Emergency Evade, but could he escape from Baitang's roll?
Joe Higashi applies some significant damage in Maxima's energy bar through his move Slash Kick.
Massive move-clashing: Jhun Hoon's DM Hou'ou Ressou Kyaku meets Chin Gentsai's SDM Gouran Enpou...
Demonstration match crucial moment: Jhun is about to be struck by Lin's move Tetsuzanbu: Rasatsu...
Victory screen.
Clark being damaged by the joint damage of Athena's Nu Psycho Reflector and Joe's Bakuretsu Ken.
Lin tries to hit-attack Vanessa with his poison-like move Kasumi, but she is quick in the defensive!
Assisted by Whip's striker move Valkyrie Killer, Mary tries to DM-hit Leona with her M. Splash Rose.
Ralf prepares his defensive to block the joint attack of Yuri's Chou Knuckle and Cool Choi's claws.
Takuma's open guard: the best chance for Maxima to execute his grabbing-command move Skull Crush!
Seth blocks Ryo's DM Haou Shoukou Ken, but Takuma "Mr. Karate" Sakazaki comes for a second attack...
The next offensive is lead by Terry's Body Blow Attack and Ryuhaku Todo's Kasane Ate: sorry, Mary...
Through a calculated air kick, Kasumi escapes from Takuma's Ko'ou Ken and King Lion's punch attack.
Iori Yagami's DM Ura 327 Shiki: Yami Sugi being complemented by Goenitz's whirlwind move Yonokaze.
Chang's DM Tekkyuu Dai Assatsu/Kaede's Kasshin: Fukuryuu vs. Seth's reversing-move Doh-Kuzushi...
Jhun uses his fast-kickin' DM again, but now in assistance to Kyoko's 75 Shiki Kai Squared attack.
Allied to Athena's Flame Sword, Robert throws his projectile-based Ryuugeki Ken against Joe Higashi.
For now, K' taunts Kim Kaphwan... but his striker Gai Tendou is ready to accomplish his function!
Trapped by Rugal Bernstein's Genocide Cutter, K' was an easy prey for Kim Kaphwan's DM Hou'ou Kyaku!
Game paused when Terry Bogard and Ryo Sakazaki are being massively attacked by opponent Strikers.
Kensou hits Rocky with his Sen Shippo move, and Leona tries to hit Kensou with her air light punch.
While Hinako still feels the effect of Whip's rolling-knife move, Mai can be planning a next move...
While Kula Diamond only taunts, a Counter-Mode-active Mai Shiranui executes her move Sayo Chidori.
Kyo trying to help Hinako (trapped by Zero's Shikka Koujin) through his Ura 108 Shiki: Orochi Nagi.