The King of Fighters 2002: Challenge to Ultimate Battle Screenshots (Neo Geo)

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Neo Geo version

Title screen
Main menu
The old-skool "How To Play" screen: learn some basic commands plus the new Max Mode!
Character selection
Choosing the opponent team.
Setting the battle order.
Angel attacks using her ground-stomping move Repun Kamuy against Billy Kane, but he doesn't react.
Mature is grabbed by Kula, and now, passes a lot of frozen moments in her closing-move Ice Coffin...
Ryuji Yamazaki grabs Maxima and strikes back through his explosive-smoking move Bakudan Pachiki.
When tries to hit Mary with her kick move Shouyoku, Yuri shows the range of her corporal elasticity!
Joe attacks Vanessa with his move Ougon no Kakato: she strikes back with her move Forbidden Eagle.
Could Ryo Sakazaki's Blow Away Attack be able to end Chang Koehan's Tekkyuu Funsai Geki?
Meanwhile, Andy Bogard's Geki Hishou Ken is the obstacle of Mai Shiranui's move Koku'en no Mai...
Using his 108 Shiki: Yami Barai, Iori Yagami is about to stop Yashiro Nanakase's Jet Counter move...
Mai Shiranui executes her move Sachiyo Dori against a static Leona Heidern: no damage this time!
Seth uses his move Back Blow in the instant that Shermie ends her move Baku New Suplex: advantage!
Takuma's Blow Away Attack and Whip's Strings Shot Type C "Code: Shouri": which will be superior?
Even being fast, Robert Garcia wasn't enough fast to escape from Chang Koehan's move Haki Kyaku...
Demonstration Match crucial moment: Iori Yagami "detonating" Angel with his Ura 316 Shiki: Saika...
Introduction frame: Art of Fighting Team (Ryo/Robert/Takuma) beats '00 Team (Seth/Ramon/Vanessa)...
Victory screen
Athena Asamiya's SDM Psychic 9 first ending: a single student costume (Sailor Finish).
Athena Asamiya's SDM Psychic 9 second ending: her old-skool armor costume (Fire Sword Finish).
Athena Asamiya's SDM Psychic 9 third and last ending: only using underwears (Psycho Sword Finish).
After be finished her HSDM in Leona, Mai uses her DM Hana Arashi.: it's only to finish with style!
It's rare to see Terry Bogard's DM Power Geyser and Mai Shiranui's Ryuu Enbu hitting simultaneously!
To say the true, 3 hits of Joe Higashi's DM Ougon no Tiger Kick went too much for Athena Asamiya...
A taunting Athena Asamiya is about to be struck by Orochi Yashiro's high-damage HSDM Armageddon...
Now, Orochi Shermie chooses Whip to receive all the lightning strength of her HSDM Unmei no Ya!
1P and 2P Orochi Chris executing simultaneously their morphing HSDMs: Orochi is back for a while...
Kensou walks near Ryuji Yamazaki and attacks him with the full power of his 5-hit SDM Senki Hakkei!
With his Bai Gaeshi (Dan Hassha), Yamazaki can absorb some projectiles and use them offensively...
May Lee attacks Chang Koehan with the strength of 51/54 non-stop hits of her SDM Disposition Frog.
Game paused when Mature uses successfully her Rugal Bernstein-style SDM Heaven's Gate against Chang.
Planning to stop Orochi Shermie's SDM "Shukemei, Gen'ei, Shinshi", Kim uses his move Hishou Kyaku.
Using all the flaming range of his SDM Gouran Enpou, Chin Gentsai counter-hits Shermie successfully!
Terry Bogard's SDM Power Geyser is back to action, but now, the current target is a taunting Angel.
Taking advantage of Whip's open guard, Kula strikes back with 3 frozen hits of her DM Diamond Edge.
Trying to avoid K9999's "Tsuki..." DM, May Lee uses the Emergency Evade move, but the attempt fails.
Athena Asamiya uses her Psycho Reflector with a goal: change Rugal Bernstein's Kaiser Wave route...