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The King of Fighters '94 Screenshots (Neo Geo)

User Screenshots

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
After selecting Team Play or Single Play, you can change the difficulty level.
Select your game mode: Team Play or Single Play
A brief tutorial will be exhibited, showing the basic commands. Watching this is optional.
You can select from 8 available teams, all with varied fighting styles.
Nice girls! Choose your favorite to fight first.
A simple taunt before the next battle. That's normal!
Ryo Sakazaki's Ko Ou Ken meets Terry Bogard's Power Wave...
With more power to spend, Ryo strikes back at Terry's brother.
Ha Ou Shou Kou Ken: a very known move since Art of Fighting.
Yuri avoids Kim's Hi En Zan.
If you don't press a button during the introduction sequence, you'll see a demonstration game. Use this only for entertainment!
Goro Daimon's moves have a lot of impact.
Clark's arm must be in flames now!
This is Athena Asamiya in her school uniform.
Athena's Psycho Ball is avoided by Ralf.
Mai Shiranui's CD attack. And that's all!
After a tough battle, you will see the victory screen. Pay attention to the artwork: did you notice that the fighters seem to have aged? It's true!
Rankings screen with the "R" invite...
The classic Japan Team: Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru Nikaido and Goro Daimon!
Choi attacks your best friend? What's wrong?
In fights, Chang uses his chain without mercy...
Bundling a lot of energy in a single move is a good strategy.
Heidern can absorb energy from his adversary with this move.
Chang treats the opponent like a marionette, hurling them at all sides. Total humiliation!
Don't taunt at an inappropriate moment or you risk taking a undesirable blow!
No chance, China Team...
The situation was incited. In these difficult hours, any fight method is helpful...
This is Mature, one of Rugal's secretaries. She has the responsibility to lead the winning team to the place of the final duel.
Be wary of well-dressed fighters - appearances can deceive...
Nothing can save you from a Genocide Cutter. The impact of this blow is very smashing!
What an erotic KO