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The King of Fighters '95 Screenshots (Neo Geo)

User Screenshots

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Selecting GAME START, you'll have access these game modes. This menu is easy to understand...
Mode selected, watch (if you want) a brief lesson of how to play.
TEAM EDIT, the newness introduced in 1995: selecting NO, the player will choose predetermined teams. Choosing YES, you can create a customized team, with any 3 fighters. Excellent!
Order select. Which is the 1st fighter to fight?
Execute Ryo's Ha Ou Shou Kou Ken and remembers Art of Fighting...
Some moves like this are sufficient to the opponent goes to fry!
Kensou avoiding Mai's CD attack.
The winner team is showed in this screen. The short music played here is the best of all KOFs!
After 1 year of rigid training, Kyo's strength increased successfully!
The more distant, better for you energy meter!
Iori performs the Darkness Sweep.
I am certain that YOU, KOF fanatic player, passed the last 10 years making this classic 3 punches sequence with Iori!
Asobi wa, owari da!
When the fight is situated in this stage, the fighters jump of a bridge and fight soon in the water below.
Remember: Chin's DM removes a good amount of energy while the opponent defends it!
The Phoenix Arrow is a good move. If the opponent will be unprepared, better still!
Athena's Psycho Sword.
Press C+D Buttons to do a body toss attack. But pray for the enemy not to defend...
You can see perfectly that this demo is very disputed!
Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. Need I say more?
Omega Rugal's Dark Barrier can used to strike fireballs and many other things...
Rugal's strength manifest in skull form. Very crazy!
Other classic DM: Kyo's Orochi Nagi!
Who said that the humans can't dominate the nature powers?
Ranking screen with your default scores.
Robert has one excellent aerial move!
A good blow in the face can decide the situation.
Something that couldn't happen at this moment is one draw game!
After a fast visit in the plastic surgeon, Rugal (now Omega Rugal) returns again as final boss in 1995.