Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle - 001/II Credits


Planning Meeher (as Meeher)
Design Akio (as Akio), Susumu (as Susumu), Cannon (as Cannon), Tomo (as Tomo), Kuichin (as Kuichin), Kozo (as Kozo), Kon. Kitakichine (as Kon.Kitakichine), J. Yoshii (as J.Yoshii), Ozi, Fukunishi, Nakamata (as Nakamata), Hikaru S. (as Hikaru), Megumi Imanishi
Program Andy (as Andy), Hamachan (as Hamachan), Nakatsuka (as Nakatsuka), Zen (as Zen), Seeker (as Seeker), Pierre (as Pierre), Kohkishi (as Kohki [^o^]/), Hirokun (as Hirokun)
SoundTakushi Hiyamuta (credited as Hiya!)
ProduceTakashi Nishiyama (as T.Nishiyama)
Presented bySNK

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