Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Screenshots (Neo Geo)

User Screenshots

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Options menu: where are the Fatal Fury mini-characters background? :*(
"How To Play" screen with Bogard Brothers demonstrating the basic commands.
After seeing the brief tutorial, it's time to choose a fighter and go battle!
Who will be your first victim-er, challenger? :-D
VS screen (both 1-Player Game first battle and 2-Player matches).
Sokaku Mochizuki attacking Hon-Fu with his psychic move Jashin Kon (his evil face appears randomly).
If used correctly, Chonshu's anti-air move Teio Tenji Ken is a good way to stop undesirable attacks.
Going to the upper background plane, Duck King was able to escape from Tung Fu Rue's Power Wave.
Cheng makes his Ground Roll (with C Button), frustrating Bash's chances of hit him with an air kick.
Andy going to heights with the super impact of Joe Higashi's Tiger Knee: do it close to mark 2 hits!
Remaining only 20 seconds to finish the match, Chonrei receives an inconvenient Kim's Hi En Zan.
Mai Shiranui attacks Yamazaki with a redesigned Kagero no Mai, but he escapes from it quickly.
Demonstration mode: Andy goes to heights again, but now thanks to Sokaku's Higi Kaminari Otoshi.
Tung's offensive was intercepted by Hon-Fu's Honou no Taneuma, making a hotting-burning 8-hit combo.
Terry attacks with his Burn Knuckle and Cheng Sinzan tries to stop this move using his Belly Blast.
Victory screen.
Benefited by Chonshu's open guard, Mai connects successfully her combo-type move Midare KaCho Sen.
Joe uses a bit of his power in a fast and accurate Slash Kick: now, Kim is get on target this time!
Introduction frame – Terry Bogard being knocked-out by Wolfgang Krauser in a tough and mortal fight.
Mary makes a shocking smash in Joe's nervous system with her Stun Slice (made after Straight Slice).
Alter-ego match: with some raging power, Yamazaki was self-caught (?) by his super move Guillotine.
Doing a 3-hit combo with a Power Dunk, Terry launches Sokaku in the wall, that it's almost breaking.
The night arrives in Sound Beach and Andy is almost finishing Duck with his hyper move ZanEi Reppa.
When Tung executes the super move Iron Hurricane, his appearance changes radically for some time.
Using the background plane for his defensive, Joe was able to avoid Billy Kane's Cho Kaen Senpu Kon.
After have found a great opportunity, Chonrei makes a Teio SyukMyo Ken in a "static" Laurence Blood.
Bob chooses a bad moment to run forward, 'cause Wolfgang Krauser's Kaiser Wave will intercept him...
Even with his big-surprising-increased powers, Geese Howard was affected by Terry's Round Wave.