Real Bout Fatal Fury Screenshots (Neo Geo)

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Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Options menu, with Fatal Fury characters complementing the background.
In "How To Play" screen, the players will learn some basic commands.
After watching the game tutorial, you'll be able to select a fighter.
Selecting the first CPU challenger: a traditional option in Fatal Fury games.
Match overview: the next combatants are displayed in a VS "map" screen.
Trying to minimize Terry's Round Wave damage, Sokaku Mochizuki assumes his defensive posture.
Andy's Yami Abise Geri was very accurate, allowing to cause a "burning status" in Franco Bash!
Joe's Ougon no Kakato striking Chonrei's face.
Following the same Joe's strategy, Mary uses her Spin Fall in Bob, originating a hard-hitting blow!
Mai's luck moment: she does a Kagero no Mai and stops Hon Fu's combo at time: he made only 2 hits...
Franco Bash stopping Kim's air attack with his super move Final Omega Shot: a mega-punch of faith!
Terry was hitted by Hon Fu's acrobatic Hissho Kyakushu Kyaku: what a bad luck, "hero of Southtown"!
Demonstration mode: Duck King applies the dancing-hitting super move Break Spiral in his alter-ego.
Sokaku Mochizuki starts the battle very well, launching his wave-electric move Higi Kaminari Otoshi.
Kim's hyper move Houou Kyaku smashes Bash frenetically, creating an immense flashlight of energy...
Victory screen (only seen after 2 Player post-matches).
Franco Bash finds some difficulty for blocking Andy's Geki Hishoken, but he got to find a way...
Using a cute swimsuit, Mai wastes a big power to Terry through her hyper move Leptard Shinobibachi.
Introduction frame – Real Bout Fatal Fury complete cast.
Unhappily, Shiranui's clan power didn't get to overcome Chonshu's hyper move Teio Syukukyoken...
In a outstanding move, Mary uses her Vertical Arrow to surpass Chonrei's hyper move Teio Ryuseiken.
Don't break the stage walls (except Geese's stage): the consequences aren't good for both players!
Doing a Power Geyser, Terry wins the 1st round of his battle against Joe: let the Round 2 begins!
After be made Kim's Hienzan, you can add a extra hit to it doing a single Tensouzan (DOWN + B): yup!
Burning moves again: amid a filming in Southtown Bridge, Sokaku connects a Hametsu no Honou in Bob.
Yamazaki tries to invade Joe's Screw Upper protection, but your Snake Arm failed successfully... :-)
Testifying a fire-shocking clash between Mai's Ryu En Bu and Billy's Ultra Flame Whirlwind Pole.
Geese does a super barrier with the super move Raging Storm to protect of Hon Fu's Bakuhatsu Goro.