Riding Hero Screenshots (Neo Geo)

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Neo Geo version

How to Play
Name Entry
You start in your apartment (Story mode)
The map (Story mode)
Bike selection (Story mode)
Dialogue (Story mode)
Choose opponent to race (Story mode)
Preparing to race (Story mode)
Racing against your opponent (Story mode)
Seaside Street (Story mode)
Hospital (Story mode)
The X-Ridge (Story Mode)
The C-Ridge (Story mode)
Construction site (Story mode)
One of the circuit maps in W.G.P. mode
Preparing to race (W.G.P. mode)
Race Results (W.G.P. mode)
Racing in Spain (W.G.P. mode)
Racing in France (W.G.P. mode)
Racing in U.S.A. (W.G.P. mode)