Samurai Shodown II Screenshots (Neo Geo)

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Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Choosing OPTIONS, you can change the difficulty level and the game mode. If you want see red blood, put in JAPAN.
Selecting GAME START, you will see this "How To Play" screen before the game starts. Learn the basic commands or press any button to skip!
Character select screen. Many fighters of previous game are here, like Haohmaru and others. Can you see the new characters?
The age brings the experience. Wise words...
One hug that nobody would like to receive. But its opponent yes, I'm sure! ;-)
Observes the intensity of this super blow: a lot of violence is good sometimes...
Haohmaru using great part of its immense force.
Feels the power of Haohmaru's sword... Yes, all over again!
Very good! Charlotte's fast attack remained intact. Great target...
Green blood? The censorship shows its cruel face in USA Mode...
A faint Charlotte in Continue screen.
VS Screen.
Demonstration mode: Genjuro's sword claims for blood, VERY blood!
The Ranking screen is short: only shows the best score (of only 1 player!) and the winner's best score in VS matches!
Finish one round very quickly to set the best clear time!
Kuroko feels that the danger is close... And only YOU can prevent a catastrophe!
Look! Amakusa makes some appearances in the game! But she isn't the final boss this time...
When you are in sword conflict, press quickly the A Button more than your adversary! And see who will be unarmed first: you, the opponent or both!
What's happening? Samurai Shodown is a match known for sheltering professional fighters, not apprentices!
Earthquake tries prevent at all costs this Kyoshiro's super attack, but it seems that this "tornado" will delay some time to finish!
Who said that samurai's best friend can't be one little frog? d:-)
This Genjuro's special move has a strong visual. To protect itself of moves like this, use heavy accessories: swords and iron arms function perfectly!
If you are a specialist in weapons, makes with that Earthquake's "scythe" reach 3 hits? It's slaughter time!
This "scythe" has more powers of that our vain philosophy can imagine. Take care!
Three Ukyos are better than one. Ippon!
Charlotte executes the "mercy move": saved in last hour! Final result: other excellent victory and, coming soon, a broken sword.
The girls who pass for the screen receive uninterrupted applause from the "commission judge". It seems that they never seen many together beauty!
Stop and join this elements: a nice (but very suspected) girl, a mystical place and the sky blinking frenetically. What this suggests?