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Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood Screenshots (Neo Geo)

User Screenshots

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Title screen (Korean version).
Options screen.
Like in previous games, you can watch (or not) a brief tutorial before playing.
Selecting your swordsman: some old characters return in a new design, as well as new fighters starring too.
Choose between two technique types: SLASH is the normal and BUST is the alternative; it seems a "dark" version of the fighter.
Each level has its advantages and disadvantages, then select the most balanced for you!
VS screen.
Using a disappearance technique, Galford escape from Hanzo's fireball at time.
Mamahaha gives a little help to Nakoruru... ;-)
In a certain moment Ukyo attacks with the sword, but Amakusa uses an teleport move to avoid it.
With his Kyoshiro Demon Boogie, Kyoshiro causes a great damage in Nakoruru: it's end line for her!
In a vulnerable moment, Basara is grabbed by Gaira: the final result is smashing... :-(
Genjuro's move Lightning Wings makes Hanzo assume a defensive position in a few seconds!
Victory screen.
With a mortal blow, Amakusa wins the match.
Although to be a Buddhist monk, Kafuin Gaira dispenses his religion and shows very aggressiveness in the combats.
Introduction frame – Somebody very mysterious awaits you in the most inopportune moment...
In Demonstration Mode, Shizumaru throws his umbrella in Hanzo, trying cause some damage in the ninja.
Ukyo (BUST version) launches a moon shaped projectile; only rest to Nakoruru (BUST version too) block it and think in a counter-attack.
Bust Nakoruru's Power Special, named Nubeki Kamui Shikite.
After a perfect 1st round, Rimururu has its moment of vanity... ;-)
Press A, B and C Buttons at the same time and the fighter charges its POW Meter, required for super moves.
Coming from underworld, Kubikiri Basara makes one of his sinister moves against Tachibana Ukyo.
Surprise! Kuroko return in this Samurai Shodown 3rd game, but not like a judge...
Now Kuroko is a challenger, and he will morph into you to fight on (notice that his stage has a new design) !
Ukyo's super move Tsubame Six Flash executed after the time was finished.
Kyoshiro calls a giant and hungry frog to eat some living baits, like long-hair samurais...
Zankuro wins again: he will be a big trouble for our favorite swordsmen!