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Neo Geo Pocket ColorPocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames (Nov, 1999)
Neo Turf Masters, le jeu parfait ? Franchement, on peut toujours chipoter. Effectivement, vous n’aurez de cesse de pester contre ce maudit mât qui repoussera toute tentative (ou presque) directe en dehors du green (défaut déjà présent sur la version salon/arcade). Du coup, il est quasi impossible de réussir le hole in one (trou réussi en un seul coup) ! Ceci dit, le fun, substance inquantifiable, s’avère être l’essence principale de ce jeu. Il contrebalance donc aisément ces défauts mineurs.
Neo GeoLe Geek (Sep, 2007)
As someone who lost interest in most sports games after they started concentrating on having the proper yearly rosters, I had a blast with Neo Turf Masters after I got over the learning curve. If you have a Neo-Geo and have the slightest interest in golf games I highly recommend it.
Neo Geo Pocket (UK) (Aug 10, 2000)
If you can still get hold of a copy of Turf Masters, for heaven's sake do it now. It's my favourite game on the console at the moment, and if you can persuade a friend to pick up a copy at the same time, the experience will be all the more rewarding.
Neo Geo Pocket ColorDefunct Games (Jan 08, 2005)
All things said, this is a game that's going to take some time to beat, so it's great value for money, considering that it's almost half the price of it's home console cousins, this is outstanding value for money and a blistering game to boot.
Neo Geo Pocket ColorThe Video Game Critic (Apr 07, 2004)
The contours of the green are well defined and easy to read. The game moves along quickly, so you can squeeze in 18 holes in about a half an hour. What also helps to speed up the game is the fact that you can't exceed four shots over par. Turf Masters is a terrific little golf game that's easy to play and a lot of fun.
Neo Geo CDRetro Game Reviews (Mar 23, 2016)
Neo Turf Masters is a polished golf game with tons of options that you can really sink your teeth into. It's extremely well developed and despite a few niggles there's plenty to like whether you're a casual fan of the sport, or someone with a deeper appreciation for the game's subtleties.
80 (UK) (Jul 28, 2008)
It's not saying much for Neo Turf Masters to be the best golf game on the VC, but when you consider that it's superior to the brand new Golf: Tee It Up! on Xbox Live Arcade, it's not hard to realise what a shrewd addition this is.
Neo Geo Pocket ColorVideo Games (Oct, 1999)
Perfekt ist es jedoch nicht: Beispielsweise schränkt euch die CPU bei der Schlägerwahl zu sehr ein (bei 30 Yard-Entfernung müsst ihr z.B. manchmal den 100- Yard-Sand-Wedge nehmen) und vereinfacht das Putten durch die exakte Angabe der optimalen Schlagdosierung zu sehr. Dennoch: Neo Turf Masters ist klar die beste NG-Pocket-Neuerscheinung und motiviert über einen langen Zeit-
Neo Geo Pocket ColorGameSpot (Jan 28, 2000)
The one real hassle about Neo Turf Masters is that the link cable is required for two-player matches. The two-player mode could have played on one unit just as easily. But beyond that oversight, it's great fun for anyone that enjoys arcade-style golf games.
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
Neo Turf Masters should appeal to both fans and non-fans of the sport. Fans will appreciate the game's unique course designs, and non-fans will enjoy the game's slightly Arcade take on the normally serious sport of golf. There's not a lot of depth to the gameplay, but you'll find yourself pulling the game out every so often for a light bit of entertaining golf.
Neo Geo Pocket ColorIGN (Sep 15, 1999)
Neo Turf Masters was definitely designed as a down-and-dirty game of golf ¿ something that has the strategy of the sport, but can be played without any tutorial. The game features three different courses with varying difficulty depending on the location: Fuji, Japan; Arizona, USA; and Baden, Germany. Do your math, and that's 54 holes in the game. Not too shabby.
WiiNintendo Life (Jul 25, 2008)
If you're a video game golf fan that's been desperately searching for a golf fix on the Virtual Console, Neo Turf Masters is a game you should at least check out. It's certainly not on a level with a Hot Shots Golf or Mario Golf title, but it's a nice trip back to the 16-bit era of gaming where golf simulations were just beginning to become more popular and playable. This game lacks some of the serious simulation elements found in more realistic offerings, but if you're just looking for a fun arcade-style golfing experience without a lot of bells and whistles, Neo Turf Masters might be just the game you've been waiting for.
Neo GeoThe Video Game Critic (May 19, 2015)
Most of the time the ball comes off at a low trajectory and you don't get much roll. Fortunately you can apply dramatic hooks and slices to navigate around trees and sand traps. Close-up animations punctuate interesting shots like bounces off trees or skips across the water. Jazzy music plays in the background, and it has an effervescent, feel-good quality reminiscent of Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast, 1999). A cute Japanese woman chimes in with comments like "player one starts to strike back" and "it's on the gween!" The course designs could be better. They tend to be very narrow so even respectable shots can be ruled out-of-bounds. And how in the world can an area between the fairway and green be considered out-of-bounds?! You're forced to play very defensively, laying up whenever possible. I enjoyed the bright graphics and fast gameplay of Neo Turf Masters, but its unforgiving nature may convince you to settle for 9 holes.
Neo GeoDefunct Games (Mar 04, 2016)
Neo Turf Masters pisses me off. This is a golf game that should have been perfect for a very fast-paced golf fix. Instead, it becomes the kind of torture that can only appeal to the kinds of masochists who actually broke their fingers beating Ghouls N Ghosts. Unless you have an abnormally high pain threshold, just stick to Golden Tee.