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atari kombinera
Written by  :  Marguerite Richardson (28)
Written on  :  Jun 27, 2005

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Anyone who buys this off Ebay deserves what he gets.

The Good

There's something to be said for emulation-unlike the 4 or 5 idiots who wasted 300 bucks on this, I got to experience the pain for FREE. Plus the intro is pretty funny.

The Bad

Two words: BUG CITY

The Bottom Line

Action 52's sheer badness could kill a whole cornfield and cause milk to go sour in cow's udders. None of the 52 so-called "games" work right, if they even work at all, and if by some miracle they actually start, there's an army of bugs guaranteed to make them unplayable. But then, there's the dirty little secret-the games are DESIGNED to be unplayable! Just another facet of Active Enterprises' scam.

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