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Arumana no Kiseki Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

The ominous title screen.
The jewel in its rightful place.
Some jerk stole the jewel, and now the villagers have turned to stone!
Where it all begins.
Using the grappling hook to climb a waterfall.
Enemies dress in this season's orange.
I really want that necklace!
Suddenly I'm on a raft.
The first boss! Shoot it with bullets!
The second level starts with a pit over spikes.
A narrow passage that is filled with traps.
Dodging a javelin in a vertical passage.
There's delicious chicken in these ancient ruins!
It's been so long since I last saw sunlight.
A larger enemy appears!
Reaching the end of stage 2.
Stage 2 boss. I bet his weakness is bullets, too.
Ugh! What an offensive palette!
The ugliness of stage 2 has caused this enemy to faint.
Anything but bats!