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Attack Animal Gakuen Credits (NES)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Attack Animal Gakuen Credits


ProduceNewtopia Planning
DirectorYasuo Hattori
Game DesignAya Nishitani
Visual DesignAtsushi Fujimori
Sound ComposeYasuo Hattori
3D AdviseLife Checker
Original StoryAya Nishitani
ProgramTsuhkai Squash Yaroh
Sound ProgramOtohsan
Sound ArrangeOmaisan
Character ArrangeMimi Man, Apple Taizou
Costume of NokkoSailor Norilin
Mystery StaffShang Hai King
SettingHomerun Ken
Display ProgramHirorin Shimaoka
Professional WatcherPenpal Knight
Special ThanksKohichi Shirato, Minoru Kobayashi
Presented byPony Canyon Inc.

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