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Baseball Stars 2 NES Title Screen


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GamePro (US) (Jun, 1992)
If you already own the original Baseball Stars, you'll be disappointed that the sequel isn't much more than a clone. If you don't own an NES baseball game, this is a great catch. Because of its battery backup and great controls, you'll never get tired of it. Baseball Stars II is a great way to get into the swing of the 1992 baseball season without worrying about contract negotiations or player injuries. Isn't that every baseball fan's dream?
NES Archives (Mar 04, 2002)
This game adds almost nothing that Baseball Stars does not have, and takes some things away. So just get Baseball Stars. However, this is still a great game. If you can't find the original, by all means buy this one.
The Video Game Critic (Apr 22, 2001)
Not only is this a major step up from the original, but Baseball Stars II (BS2) is arguably the best NES baseball game ever! As a tribute to Babe Ruth himself, all the players look like fat slobs, and they're easy to control. The pitcher/batter screen lets you keep a watchful eye on baserunners, and infielders can dive for grounders. To catch fly balls, you'll need to use both the ball shadow and the sound effects, but initially locating your fielder can be a problem. The fielders have weak arms, and many of their throws bounce in the dirt. All the players and teams are fictional, as are the four stadiums. BS2's graphics are simple but attractive, and pleasant background music plays throughout the game. You can select your starting pitcher, alter your batting order, insert pinch hitters, and change pitchers at any time. A few of the sound effects are comical, like the pitch that sings like a bird. But hey, this game isn't for purists; it's for people who want to have fun!
For every improvement, such as optional errors or four different stadiums to play in, there seems to be something removed, like women players. It’s still an excellent baseball title, but not quite the masterpiece the original was, and lacking the original’s spunk.
Baseball Stars II is a perfect example of reused coding. Very rarely will you find a company daring enough to reuse code to the extent that it is nearly the same game as something released prior. Romstar wasn't the best company, but they had some good games. Baseball Stars II, is not one of them because of its reliance on other peoples' hard work. It's a repackaged version of Baseball Stars with only minor alterations. Otherwise, it's the same game, but it fails because of this, as the creativity score indicates. Still, I mean, you can't avoid the fact that it's just as good in many ways as Baseball Stars, but again, that's because it is Baseball Stars.
50 (Jan, 2011)
Does it make a difference that SNK didn’t develop this game? A company named Romstar acquired it and put it out on the NES in 1992, while SNK put their own version out on Neo-Geo. I have yet to play the Neo-Geo version, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a lot better than this bland rehash. While there’s nothing particularly wrong with Baseball Stars II, Romstar did nothing to improve the game either. It’s like playing BS 1, with less features and less personality. Since hardly anyone bought it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s rare and costs $200. Don’t be fooled.