Bases Loaded 4 Credits (NES)

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Bases Loaded 4 Credits

JALECO LTD. (Tokyo, Japan)

PresidentYoshiaki Kanazawa
Product ManagementT. Kaneko, H. Nunokawa, S. Ohta, (and all at Jaleco Ltd.)

JALECO USA (Wheeling, IL)

PresidentHoward Rubin
Product ManagementJeff Hill, Scott Lawrence
International CoordinationMasao Ohata, Oliver Tang
Package Design Account ExecutiveTim Hill (MarketForce Inc.)
Package Design, Layout, and Copy WriterTim Kocher (MarketForce Inc.)
Instruction Manual WriterKate Hunt
Instruction Manual Design & LayoutJack Nichols (Jack Nichols Design)
Game Testers (USA)Baki Allen, Mike Lee, Butch O'Malley, Joe Sislow


DesignJun, Hiro
MusicTatsuya Nishimura (Tatsuya)
PlanSatoshi Matsushita (S.M)
Presented byJaleco

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