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Bishōjo Shashinkan: Moving School Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Chieko is moving in normal light, choose ASA 400 to get a high shutter speed
A lucky shot
At least she isn't moving here
We move to a morning shot in sunlight, so we can stop down the lens
By the way, this is Noriko, not Chieko
Next, we photograph Noriko in the evening in tungsten lighting
1/60 shutter speed does it
Next, we have Miki in her room, lit by lightbulbs
It's too dark for ASA 100 film
It's better to use flash
We stay in Noriko's room, but with subdued lighting
It's best to use flash, or fast film with slow shutter
We frame Izumi in the classroom, lit by the windows
Must open the aperture a bit
That's better
Noriko in her room, lit by a lightbulb
Let's try the flash
An afternoon shoot with Kumiko
You can basically use the "sunny 16" method, but open up one or two stops
Kumiko in the dark P.E. storage room requires flash