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The Black Bass Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Copyright screen
Name entry screen, up to 6 digits can be entered but the name is not saved in the password save so it has to be entered every time the game is played.
Welcome screen by the gray bearded man as you start the game. A nice 10 hours of fishing ahead.
Welcome screen continued, start the game off in 200th position.
Layout of Lake Amada, can move your boat to the ideal position.
I chose a muddy swamp. Move the ‘+’ to aim and cast out when the power reaches the top for the maximum cast.
A fish lingers.
Got the fish, now I have to reel it in.
Reeling in the fish. The red fish in the bottom left is how tied the fish is (turns to bones) and the number next to it is how deep it is (this one is on the surface).
Got the fish in the basket.
It was only a small one. Now I know why it was so easy.
The menu screen shown after each reel in. From here, you can change lure move the boat or get information on the fish you caught or location.
You can select you lures and change its color from this screen. As you progress, more lures are unlocked.
I selected a new location and quickly got a fish.
And it was a big one.
The one that gets away. This happens a lot.
Another fishing location on Lake Amada
From there I only caught a Brown Trout, big but only Black Bass is included in the average.
When time is up it just ends. I was just off catching another fish.
The fish I caught. Only the black bass are included in the final score.
Now I am 101th and moved from class C to B not bad at all (well I like to think so).
My little award ceremony for finishing this round, with fireworks and all.
Next round is Japan Lake.
One of the fishing locations on Japan Lake
Third round is Lake More.
One of the fishing locations on Lake More
Final round is on San Lake
One of the fishing locations on San Lake