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Blaster Master Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title Screen
Title screen (European version)
Japanese title screen
Everything starts with a frog...
In Japan, you start out in a high-tech corridor, not in a cave
While looking for my frog, I found a tank!
Atomic Batteries to power!... Turbines to speed!...
SOPHIA is missing a few parts. At least I have airbags.
Oh yeah? well MY tank can jump...
Unfortunately SOPHIA can not climb down ladders
I feel so small without my tank!
Exploring Ruins
Horrifying Boss Monsters are there to stop you
After defeating a boss, I am rewarded
Even underwater, SOPHIA the tank holds up
In this area, the entrances to the overhead sequence looks like a castle
They're ganging up on me.
The most famous boss monster to come from this game
Another creepy boss.
And this guy is trouble too...
Level select screen (prototype version)