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Bo Jackson Baseball Reviews (NES)

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The biggest shortcomings lie in the fact that there are mock players/teams and that there is no season mode to compete in. Otherwise, this is a solid baseball experience.
Just as multi-talented sports star Bo Jackson is missing the '91 pro baseball season he also seems to be sitting out Data East's Bo Jackson Baseball, making only cameo appearances on the title screen and at the end of the game.. Regardless of Bo's whereabouts, the game is a solid baseball exercise with a lot of different ways to play.
Nope! Bo don't know video games! If he did, B.J. baseball would have been smoother, cleaner, and have more options than it does. The music isn't horrid, but it needs a little work. the graphics are better than an Atari 2600, but the buck stops here. This game will sell on name alone.
In this clumsily executed baseball game, the batter and pitcher appear to be about two feet apart, and on defense, you can't even see the pitcher. Selecting pitches and swing types is done through a bulky menu giving the game an almost turn-based feel, and hitting is nearly impossible. A very angry-sounding umpire calls the balls and strikes, which gets annoying quickly.
16 (Mar, 2011)
All my players looked like Bo Jackson, while the opposing team was a bunch of fat white guys; the shrill voice that cried “BALL!” and “STRIKE!” while I was trying to relax and play the game quietly; the fact that Bo Jackson Baseball probably sold really well, due to his beloved appearance in Tecmo Bowl, despite the fact that the game actually is dog doo on a stick (how they managed to make dog doo work in a Nintendo, I’m not sure). Yes, Bo messed up bad on this licensed game, but if it’s any consolation, I’m sure he made gobs of money associating himself with it.