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Bokosuka Wars Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
King Suren starts alone his journey of 600 meters to encounter with his enemy, King Ogreth
Bump against trees, cactuses, rocks and walls to try restore your allies to normal form
Found a tree that revealed a Knight
Found another one tree that revealed a Peasant
In front of the enemy
Fighting the enemy
Five Peasants imprisoned in a jail
Only Knights can break the bars
Five more Peasants to your army
There's a barrier at each 100 meters
Only King Suren can break the barrier to make way to his army
After winning three battles, your Knight gain a power level of Golden Knight
After winning three battles, your Peasant gain a power level of Golden Ninja
More 385 meters left for King Suren to meet his destiny with King Ogreth
If King Suren dies, King Ogreth wins. Game over for you