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Top Secret (Jan, 1994)
Ogólnie grafika jest niezła, a hazard, jak to hazard: niesamowicie wciąga.
For a gambling simulation, it may get the job done, but there are no frills or semblance of any extras to be seen, save for being able to click on the bathroom door to take a break.
NES Archives (Aug 20, 2006)
This is a gambling game that I would consider a worse version of Vegas Dreams. However, it is superior in one way only, it has video poker. While video poker is nowhere near as fun as actual poker, it is my favorite of the available games. The disadvantage is that it has no password system, multiplayer options, or Keno (a great way to lose all of your money). Caesar's palace does have the advantage of being able to go to the restroom though, now that was a great addition. Also you can cash out at any time to get a different ending. Basically in all I would say that Vegas Dreams is the gambling game to get if you will play with friends. If you are planning on sitting by yourself and losing your money I would recommend Caesar's Palace since it has Video Poker.
Retro4Ever (Mar 13, 2013)
Overall, there really isn’t too much to like about this game. It’s pretty straight forward, and is pretty self explanatory. Thankfully, their sequels got much better over time. The soundtrack is the best part about the game, and when it happens to be the high point of your playing experience, it typically doesn’t bode well for the replay value of a title. Caesars Palace isn’t the best option for a casino game on the Nintendo, nor should it be on your radar unless you need to find a casino-based game for the NES, and are only able to find this one. Even in that scenario, prepare to be disappointed at the lack of fluidity and fun that this presents. You are much better off trying to stick those five dollars on a blackjack table and trying to win yourself enough money for a higher quality game.
Nerdicus Reviews (Jun, 2014)
This game was one of the biggest waste of times for the NES, and is a constant reminder as to why gambling games on consoles are just plain dumb unless you're playing multiplayer and for real money. You want to have fun? Grab a group of friends, a few beers, and play some texas hold 'em. $50 buy in...there. Go. Leave this game to the dust on your shelf.
16 (Apr, 2011)
Blackjack at least has some tension (am I gonna get 21?!) but the rest of the games – especially the slot machines and roulette – are as banal as it comes. I can see why senior citizens go buckwild for days at casinos. I say, I’ll pretend my arm is a slot machine, and you can just keep feeding me dollars if you want to waste your money.