Captain Planet and the Planeteers Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title Screen
Password entry
Gaia offers the first level briefing
The Planeteer jet avoids an attacking oil rig
Strange looking and deadly equipment
With your powers combined...
... I am Captain Planet!
Captain Planet flying through an oil rig
Using the power of Wind to become a Tornado
Chase waste-dumping trucks in level 2-1
Destroy bats with fire in level 2-2
Deadly energy rays
We're in a sub. Destroy missile silos with stones in level 3-1
And avoid mines
Avoid toxic waste by turning into water in level 3-2
Just beaten a 1-up out of a metal block
Rescue elephants and avoid enemy choppers in level 4-1
Continue to rescue elephants in tomb-like level 4-2
Turned to a mummy by (presumably) a spider
Survive the hardest level in the game - 5-1
Don't touch red orbs of instant death in level 5-2
The Earth is saved!