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User Reviews

The last and best Castlevania installment for the NES Multimedia Mike (20636) 4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars
A must play, the best NES game made Scott G (793) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars
Castlevania III: Action-Packed! Non-Linear! Dracula's Son! ETJB (480) 4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars
A slight disappointment TheNightWalker (16) unrated

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.3
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.0
Overall User Score (67 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Questicle.net (Jun, 2011)
Dracula’s Curse is one of the most perfect playing experiences I’ve had since I’ve started this quest. Yes, it’s really hard, and the hit detection is still cheap, but everything about the game just feels so right.
Whether you’re looking for an even better array of sights and sounds, or always considered the NES version to be unfairly challenging (although this is statistically impossible, since Castlevania III is universally praised), Akumajou Densetsu is a must-play for anyone who loves classic Castlevania gameplay with a milder dose of classic Castlevania frustration.
NES Fanz (Jan 03, 2005)
Overall, Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse is not only the best NES Castlevania game, but easily one of the top ten NES games ever created. Non-linear gameplay, multiple characters, challenging play (even though a bit TOO challenging sometimes), multiple paths to take in the game, and four different endings have you play this game over and over again until you find and experience everything.
The Video Game Critic (Dec 06, 2004)
Unlike Castlevania II, no separate status screen is required since all the vital information is displayed across the top of the screen. Perhaps Castlevania III's most innovative feature is the ability to play as boss characters you defeat along the way - an ingenious concept. The stages are separated by branching paths, adding even more replay value to an already extraordinary game. The first-rate musical score brilliantly captures the flavor of the game. Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse is a "must-have" NES game if there ever was one.
VideoGame (Apr, 1991)
A maldição do Drácula está de volta. Desde o século XV, quando foi vencido por Simon Belmont, ele planejava sua volta para dominar a Europa. E, para enfrentá-lo, só mesmo um descentente da família Belmont. Felizmente, Trevor Belmont está vivo, e pode livrar a Transilvânia deste grande mal. Para isso, conta com a ajuda de três espíritos, que vão aparecendo durante o jogo, e com armas especiais, que devem ser usadas nos momentos certos. O jogo tem dez fases com sub-fases, mas pode ser encurtado por atalhos. A cada 20 mil pontos, uma vida extra.
In short, Castlevania 3 takes all the goods from the first game, adds in more challenge, and gives you even more features. If you have an NES, than you absolutely must have Castlevania 3. I've played many games in my time, but very few (and I mean FEW) have ever impressed me as much as this game has. If you're a gamer, make sure you don't miss out.
Jeuxvideo.com (Apr 01, 2011)
Trois itinéraires, correspondant plus ou moins à trois degrés de difficulté, l'ajout de plusieurs personnages venant étoffer la mythologie castlevaniesque, un level-design qui approche la perfection, des graphismes et une bande-son de grande qualité, Konami a réussi son pari et Castlevania III est incontestablement un véritable chef-d'œuvre vidéoludique.
RetroGame Man (Jul 30, 2018)
In summary, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse is an awesome action/platform game that is challenging, fun, replayable, and offers possibly the best soundtrack of any Castlevania game! This is one of the best NES games on the system and is a must-own for fans of the series!
Classic-games.net (Oct 05, 2017)
Castlevania III is one of the absolute best games in the series and a near perfect refinement of its gameplay. It is the perfect swan song for the series as it entered the 16-bit arena and is also one of the best games for the system. A true classic.
Classic-games.net (Oct 06, 2017)
This was more of a curiosity than anything else, much like my look at the Japanese version of Contra. Situations like these were rife during the 8 and 16-bit era. You would hear about them in EGM or Gamefan but never see what the fuss was about personally. It’s interesting to say the least and something I would like to keep doing. Hopefully this has been helpful to someone out there.
Expert level design, a wonderful soundtrack, and bold sprites round this out as one of the best titles in the series. The quality and huge amount of replayability make this a definite must have.
NES Times (Nov 11, 2006)
Anyway you look at it Castlevania III is a gaming masterpiece that tops the other two CV titles hands down. Most everything about this game is top-notch, from the graphics to the music to the gameplay, and the replayability factor only adds to an already-excellent cart. Also it's intersting to see the game that introduces is to Alucard, who would go on to star in several other Castlevania titles. This game would have scored a perfect 10 if the control issues would have been worked out, but it's just a minor setback on an otherwise awesome game. Castlevania III is without a doubt one of the best NES games ever and helps the series end its run on the NES in a big way.
Overall, Castlevania III is a game no fan of the Castlevania series (or even platform games, for that matter) should do without. (Just don't let it give you nightmares.)
IGN (Jan 12, 2009)
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse is an excellent game, and one of the best adventures the 8-bit NES had to offer now nearly two decades ago. Its age will be made apparent to modern players through its challenge level and the stiffness of its control, which could be frustrating for fans only familiar with the more modern, smoother installments of this same series -- but its innovative inclusion of multiple playable characters and branching paths through levels more than make up for any negative aspects. Its soundtrack, too, is one of the best you'll ever here from an 8-bit title. For only 500 Wii Points, Castlevania III is one of the best options for your money on the Virtual Console. Download it to complete your digital collection of 8-bit Castlevania hits, or just grab it on its own -- its quality stands alone, even without its predecessors.
As far as quality goes, Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse is by far the best Castlevania game of the original NES trilogy. Acknowledging all the great elements within -- the music, the graphics, the tight controls, and even the enjoyable level layouts that never seem too difficult to surpass, but still provide a surmountable challenge -- it's easy to see why so many people like this game, myself included. Pick this one up in your local pawn shop if you ever find it, or (hopefully) it might appear on the Wii's Virtual Console (it's always a possibility, since the original Castlevania is already there). And if you already have it, pop the cartridge into your NES and whip it! Whip it good!
Mygamer.com (Nov 20, 2004)
All in all, Castlevania 3 is a very satisfying action game for the NES. It is solid, with tried-and-true game play found in the previous installments and yet adds some interesting touches to the mix. The multiple paths and characters add some considerable depth and replayability to what could be misconstrued as just a rehash of the first title. Then there is also the great presentation and sound, at least by the 14 year old standards of its day. Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse should be played by any fan of action and is certainly the best of the Castlevania games on Nintendo's old system.
Castlevania may be an old concept, but in Dracula's Curse Konami has proven that they can still make it work. The new cast of characters widens the options and the graphics are some of the best the NES has (or will) ever see!
Total! (Germany) (Feb, 1994)
Damals, ‘92, war Castlevania der absolute Überflieger auf dem NES und wurde mit Spielen wie Mario 3 verglichen. Auch heute ist dieses Modul immer noch eines der besten, die je für den rechteckigen grauen Kasten herauskamen. Sehr viel mehr kann man einfach nicht mit dem Gerät machen, und die Konami-Jungs sind wirklich totale Spitzenleute. Wer auf gut gemachte etwas gruselige Actionkost steht und seinem alten NES noch mal was Gutes gönnen möchte, sollte zugreifen. So ein Spiel gehört in jede richtige Sammlung.
Video Games (Apr, 1992)
Castlevania 3 markiert zweifelslos einen Meilenstein in der NES Spielepalette. Das Niveau von Kultstar "Mario" erreicht der Belmont-Clan zwar nicht, aber weit entfernt harren sie nicht. Vielleicht erleben wir nächstes Jahr eine erneute Fortsetzung - ich würde mich jedenfalls tierisch darüber freuen.
Überhaupt ist die Grafik eine Klasse für sich. Deutlich angelehnt an Castlevania IVfürs Super-NES bietet sie in jedem der 17 Levels Augenschmaus vom Feinsten. Verträumte Dörfchen, griechische Säulenhallen oder dezente Kirchenfenster beweisen eindrucksvoll, daß die Konami-Grafiker ihr Handwerk verstehen. Der Sound: Mal fetzig, mal orchestral bis klassisch, aber immer verdammt gut. Keine Frage – Castlevania schmeckt auch im dritten Teil noch wie frisch gepreßt...
N-Force (Sep, 1992)
Being a great fan of the series I was really surprised to find this is the best yet! Not only are the graphics, sound, and animation better, but the gameplay and scenario have to be seen to be believed.

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