Castlevania Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title screen
Japan Title screen
Europe Title screen
Starting a new game
The first level
Incoming ghost!
Somewhere in the basement
The map of the levels
The second level
Watch out for the hunchback and a ghost
This boss is easily killed if you use axes.
These traps can crush me if I'm not careful.
The clock special weapon can stop time for everyone except me. I can beat the Medusa to death while she's unable to move.
The white skeletons can throw their own bones.
Falling down the hole behind me means instant death.
Killed by mummies.
Trying to jump to a moving platform.
The hunchbacks are the most annoying enemies in the game.
Eat this, skeletal dragon!
Frankenstein's monster and Igor: Using the holy water to create a fire under the monsters' feet.
I found a hidden turkey. It can restore health if you are injured.
The red skeletons can't be killed; you can only knock them down temporarily.
The axe-throwing knight is tough, but a few boomerangs should teach him a lesson.
Oh no, it's the Grim Reaper, the most difficult boss in the game!
Dracula is waiting for me at the top of these stairs.
Dracula teleports around the room to confuse me, and shoots fireballs.
Oh my God, what a despicable monstrosity!
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