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Championship Pool Screenshots (NES)

User Screenshots

NES version

Title Screen
Game Mode selection screen
Intro for the start of the BCA Regional Qualifying Tournament
The default-playing screen. The shot will play towards the curser.
The in game Main Menu from here the player can …
change the power of the shot (also available by pressing ‘B’) and …
change the spin of the shot.
The ghost ball (seen near the arrow pointing to the pocket) showing path of the hit ball. Also any game that needs for the player to call there shots is done automatically shown by the arrows.
The zoomed out view. From here the scores are seen as well as all the balls although it makes harder to aim.
Never actually see the opponent play, as all it does is go to this “TimeWarp” cut screen.
When a few games are won it makes the opponent go, well sort of, mad.
Won the race to 4. One opponent down 31 to go.
Well it looks like my opponent does not know what good sportsmanship is.
My next opponent, Kevin. Did not go so good with him and was knocked out of the tournament.
All the different Challenge Games.
This is 14.1 Continuous. Then there is only one ball left then the rest of the balls are re-racked.
This is Speed Pool. The Time in the top left is how long in seconds I have been trying to get all the balls in the pockets.
Moving a ball in Freestyle mode.