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Chester Field: Ankoku Shin e no Chōsen Credits


ProgrammerMontaro, Kinchan, Tomohiko Kawamura (Tomoyan)
Game Story & Chara DesignerKimio Umehara (Explode 'Ume')
Map Editer & Chara DesignerToshihisa Hasegawa (Dark Side 'Toshi')
Assistant ProgrammerTomiko Narusawa (Naruchans), Mayumi Sano (Sanoyan)
Boss Chara Taken From The Works OfAtsushi Shimoda (S. Shimoda), Hideo Minaba (H. Minaba), H. Togashi, Y. Syoji, N. Oka
:Vic Tokai
Music Composer (uncredited)Mikio Saitou
Sound Driver (uncredited)Yoshiaki Inose

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