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User Reviews

I remember the arcade version being much better than this one. PCGamer77 (3231) 2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars
A glimpse at lazy gamemaking Multimedia Mike (20636) 2.5 Stars2.5 Stars2.5 Stars2.5 Stars2.5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 2.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 2.7
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 2.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.0
Overall User Score (22 votes) 2.7

Critic Reviews

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Un jeu d'action époustouflant qui ne vous laissera aucun répit. Une option intéressante permet de reprendre une partie au niveau où vous aviez été tué précédemment. Un bon joystick sera nécessaire, si possible avec tir automatique, pour espérer arriver au bout de votre mission. Une superbe adaptation du jeu d'arcade.
Video Game Den (Aug 18, 2012)
All in all, Commando is not the best looking game, but it is definitively one of the best run'n gun for the system and a faithful conversion - the action is clean, fast and beautifully staged.
There are some nice added touches that were not present in the arcade game, such as several power-ups that can be obtained (bulletproof vest, etc.) as well as hidden bunkers that can be entered to rescue POWs or capture bonus objects for points. A competent port of a fine arcade game.
Tilt (Dec, 1987)
En conclusion, une bonne cartouche qui devrait plaire au plus grand nombre.
NES Archives (Apr 02, 2008)
Commando was one of the earliest attempts on the NES at the shoot ‘em up genre. It is very basic but is definitely fun. If you enjoy this genre or early NES games then pick this one up, otherwise it might not be worth it.
So what if later games did it better? Commando still proves to very playable and fun if one can overlook the flaws that plagued this genre for years. You really can't go wrong with games like this when they only run a couple of bucks on today' market. While it may never be as well remembered as games like Ikari Warriors, Commando is a worthy addition to any war fans game collection.
58 (Aug, 2011)
I can’t deny that I had fun playing Commando, but I also don’t see myself returning to it anytime soon. It’s a basic shooter made in 1986 B.C. (Before Contra) and it definitely feels like it. As far as aesthetics go, the graphics feature an array of browns, yellows, grays, and greens – all the colors of the vomit/diarrhea rainbow. The music is surprisingly terrible, given Capcom’s track record of amazing soundtracks. The control is legit, as it needs to be for such an action-packed shooter. But hey, much like the action movies Commando mimics, it can be stupid fun for a brief period of time.
Retro Game Reviews (Sep 25, 2015)
The NES port of Commando has repetitive gameplay and various technical problems that make it hard to recommend. With only one mission that repeats itself there's little replay value and in my opinion you're better off sticking to Capcom's Gunsmoke (1988, NES) as it's a much improved example of the genre.
Commando is hardly a bastion of ‘80s shooters. This is an era of the genre already shown up by later entries such as Contra and Cannon Fodder. The simplicity offered here, both in terms of mechanics and challenge, does little to adjust that reputation. Still, Commando offers fun in short, sharp bursts, delivering exactly what you’d expect and not a penny more. If you’ve ever dreamed of being Arnold Schwarzenegger (and who hasn’t?), this isn’t a bad way to pretend.
Commando is a fantastic arcade game that lost its luster when it came to the NES. The graphics are hampered by a familiar NES flicker that is downright annoying. While Commando is memorable, its glory lies in being a fairly average arcade-to-home translation.
The Video Game Critic (Apr 20, 2003)
The action is smooth but the flicker can be excessive at times, detracting from the otherwise sharp visuals. Commando is extremely challenging, and can be frustrating for the novice. The mobs of regenerating enemies are relentless, and you're more likely to die from touching one of them than from actually being shot. Trying to aim diagonally can be especially frustrating. If there's a secret to doing well in Commando, it is this: Shoot constantly and keep moving. It turns out that enemies can't fire their guns or catch up to you once you pass them, so just concentrate on those ahead of you. The background graphics depict a bland, brown environment suggestive of Desert Storm. I wasn't terribly impressed with the gameplay, but Commando did keep me entertained for a little while. It's a shame that the two-player mode requires both players to take turns instead of playing at the same time.
Commando is ideal for blast brigadiers who want to show their mettle against tenacious computer-directed opposition. Few cartridges can equal its non-stop action. This is one coin-op hit which should certainly prove popular among home videogamers, as well.